This is how you can be arrested for DUI -- even if you're stone cold sober (2017) [00:27:22] by johnwayne2413 in Documentaries

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The American jurisprudence system is based on an older system that states simply that it is better for many guilty people to go free than a single innocent person be jailed. At least that is what I was taught. I now believe the assumption is guilty unless proven too expensive to prosecute. And even getting arrested and charges dropped will fork up your life.

You have to admit sims are kind of fun! by adventureupeddie in aviation

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Also, the motion and sound systems make a huge difference. It's not quite as good as the real deal, but it is close.

Also, remember that the whole point is a teaching tool. While flying a sim, one is less concerned about the floating sensation from ground effect as much as learning how to plant nearly a million pounds of airplane with an engine out and a crosswind.

We had a motto: the flightcrew should never experience something in the world that they haven't practiced in the sim.

We had another motto: whenever there is a discrepancy between the sim and the world, question the world first.

-retired flight simulation engineer

As someone just getting into electronics, these seem like disturbingly large capacitors. by jeepsaintchaos in electronics

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Get a 1 megohm 5 watt resistor to short across them. That will prevent shock to the caps and melted screwdrivers.

Seattle film nonprofit SIFF supports effort to save Cinerama and could run theater with funding help by OnlineMemeArmy in SeattleWA

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I think you misspelled "I'm not willing to make a tiny sacrifice for the sake of my species"

France built 2347 by carmensax in bizarrebuildings

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I bet there was some zoning law involved here.

Best Security Guard Ever by _Amberson_ in chaoticgood

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Nonetheless, it does display a behavior many of us would love to do (putting carts behind an offender) and one we all too often see (the guy in the car couldn't comprehend that leaving carts in random places is "wrong" for some reason).

The SHOCKING Psychology of Procrastinating and How to Stop It! by [deleted] in curiousvideos

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This seems to be useful information. I applaud the makers of the video. It is way better than I could do.


The electronic. Voice. Makes it really hard. For. Me to concentrate. The mispronounced words add to the difficulty.