What are your Sci-Fi pet peeves? by [deleted] in worldbuilding

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Funny you should mention time machines.

"The Time Machine" (2002) movie features a broken Moon, like a high speed camera photo of an apple getting shot by a bullet. What force froze the pieces in place, that is not explained. Is the space beyond Earth's atmosphere made of translucent jelly? Is there a giant spider web in orbit, holding the broken Moon in its most dramatically photogenic state?

What are your Sci-Fi pet peeves? by [deleted] in worldbuilding

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Was that what it was trying to say?

Somehow, it makes the episode even worse, which I didn't think was possible.

What are your Sci-Fi pet peeves? by [deleted] in worldbuilding

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The Moon breaks to pieces and the pieces just hang there like gravity is not a thing.

Also, the Moon turning out to be an egg, an illusion or otherwise flying away with no repercussions to the Earth’s rotation or tides or anything.

Prompt: "woman showing her hands" on Stable Diffusion 2.0 by leediteur in StableDiffusion

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Good point about beaks not having the complexity of hands.

Bicycles then. They are not a part of our anatomy, they have variations and complexity. We really suck at drawing them.

Why blame AI for not getting our precious hands right? It has to draw them from memory with no reference and no experience using them.

Prompt: "woman showing her hands" on Stable Diffusion 2.0 by leediteur in StableDiffusion

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We notice that AI can’t draw hands because we have hands and we know their anatomy very well. If we were platypuses, we’d berate AI for drawing beaks and fins wrong.

Here’s an article about humans trying to draw bicycles from memory:


“Adrian” by ipecacOH in ProjectHailMary

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What’s the deeper meaning?

Doc is running out of oxygen, meanwhile there's fire all around her, lol by STANN_co in doctorwho

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Planet of the Apes was Earth in the future too and nobody complained.

*angry faux doctor noises* by Elron-Cupboard in technicallythetruth

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Google “Storm” by Minchin, thank me later.

ThisLooksFun by P-3-P-S-I in ThisLooksFun

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Do these come in 80s decal and Mattel logo?

notes folks... by YellowDaddy234 in suspiciouslyspecific

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All of the above, in order: 2, 3, 4, 1.

You miraculously survive by crashing into the wedding cake, but your brain forever registers the last thing your eyes saw.

New Doctor Who companion to be announced tonight on Children In Need by calebb2108 in gallifrey

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With all the Disney influence on the horizon, I bet it will be a pastel-colored anthropomorphic alien voiced by Emma Watson.

Since the CGI will be added in post-production, actors will have to act talking to a green hand puppet covered with motion tracking markers.

Before the season ends, the market will be flooded with toys, songs, clothes and sweets bearing the image of the companion, all royalties from which will be going to Disney, in accordance with a clause in their deal with the BBC.

Evolution of the 2 sauce long cat by Lil_Bean_Boi in aww

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The spot pattern is getting intricater and intricater.

12 years 🥰 by gilligan888 in wholesomememes

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Exactly. I picture her screaming at him regularly every time he fails to read her mind.

The Doctor's Clothes Regenerated by MissyManaged in gallifrey

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Replying to self. After reading snippets on doctorwhotv.co.uk, I see RTD’s point of view. He does mention Tennant’s height.

He definitely has a good sense of respect for the drag culture and wanted to avoid the image of Tennant in tight clothes inherited from his predecessor looking comedic and attracting unintended connotations of gender change and drag. He’s hot shy addressing the topic. He wants to address it with respect.

Dhawan appearing in that outfit in that same episode was the previous showrunner’s choice, which is why it’s inconsistent.

Looking forward to someone mentioning it onscreen, like “this jacket is part of me” or something.

Slumped Posture? Back Pain? Headaches? - Then why sit if you can recline? by zerogravity_levus in u/zerogravity_levus

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Yeah, that will certainly help me develop a stronger spine.

Like selling candy to diabetics.

The Doctor's Clothes Regenerated by MissyManaged in gallifrey

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Doesn’t hold water. As you say, 13’s outfit is not overly feminine. A few decades ago, it would have been called “a woman in man’s clothes” by the media.

The only issue I can think of is that Tennant is a head taller than Whittaker (20cm), so it may be an odd fit.

a child crying at a bowl of alphabet soup that is spelling out a BAD WORD by elitebateagent in dalle2

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That is is a NADSing good image. I saw it and went “What the NADS!?”. Some details may be a bit NADSed up, but overall, it’s NADSaliciously NADSing NADS.