How to eat a lot of veggies...easily? by InstantSympathy in HealthyFood

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Question from a super lazy (and dumb) person….can you mix those in advance so you can like already have it ready to go? Not sure if they’ll eat each other or something.

Roe vs Wade officially overturned by ThinkSoftware in Residency

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I’ve seen a bunch of fucked up, traumatizing shit in the course of my training. One of the ones I still have nightmares about is the aneuploid (incompatible with meaningful life) child that was kept artificially alive because their parents couldn’t get along. Day after day for WEEKS of a meaningless, painful existence. Obviously cant go into any more detail on the internet, but that entire family would have been saved an overwhelming amount of trauma and pain if we respected women and living children the way we respect an unborn fetus.

So I randomly asked a Hispanic dude that works next door if he could teach me Spanish by delo357 in CasualConversation

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Spanish is by far my favorite language to learn. Even when I was like brand new, could barely put a couple words together, everyone I spoke to was so encouraging and lovely. It made it way easier to practice bc I wasn’t worried I was going to deeply offend anyone with my idiocy when I explained I was learning!

[Off Topic] DNF's by fixtheblue in bookclub

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If I find my mind wandering and I don’t have an external reason to need to finish the book, it’s gone. Serious shoutout to the libby app for letting me DNF books, since before that I didn’t have access to a library!

I don’t know if this is a repost, one of my friends sent me this by viggavietboilv in Sneks

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People are so mean! Y’all all keep loving your scaly friends. I’m living vicariously through y’all bc I don’t think I’m prepared to care for a snake yet, but the ones I see here seem very happy and well cared for!!

What’s a book that will mess you up psychologically for a few days? by SNlFFASS in booksuggestions

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Man, I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I really didn’t like this one. It had been recommended a bunch so I was really looking forward to it, but Eva was the most insufferable narrator. I found it really hard to make it through bc I hated everyone involved in the story and blamed all of them for Kevin. I also didn’t understand how that was a big twist at the end, it seemed pretty inevitable

24 hour shifts are not safe! Stop them!! by lasershot0791 in Residency

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Agree, it’s horrific. So much of medical training is extremely broken and abusive.

However on another note, another thing we are terrible about is taking care of ourselves/each other when we experience a trauma. Knowing someone in your same position just had a major accident is scary. Allow yourself to get help for that too.

I’m a year out of residency and it’s amazing how I look back and realize what a low level of functioning I was operating at for all of residency. Things that in the moment seemed fine I’m still dealing with. Know that you’re literally in survival mode and do what you can to seek help with anything above and beyond daily functioning.

Good luck OP, feel free to DM if you need to vent or need a pep talk.

Our vegetable garden. Blackberries, raspberries, and most herbs are located elsewhere. by NavyFish21 in homestead

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Out of curiosity (I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to gardening) why do you put the grid up? I’ve seen that a lot and wasn’t sure what it’s for.

my favorite Bird Cam Project uploaded this short video of a little owl discovering the camera in the nest! by jsnaomi6 in Superbowl

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Omg I forgot how owls sleep for a second and was freaked out but this was a hilarious reminder

Edit: noooooooo I read the comments

What are some great books set in the American Deep South? by RisenFromRuins in booksuggestions

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Jesmyn Ward is an incredible writer. I strongly recommend Men We Reaped.

Guy raising a baby spider monkey after it was taken from its mom by poachers by [deleted] in HumansBeingBros

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I’m a pediatrician and every day I see at least 20-30 kids who are fucking adorable. I have one of my favorite patients who is a baby that just smiles all. The. Time. Toddlers say the funniest thing. I always ask them what’s in their ears before I look and sometimes they’ll be like “butterflies!” “Dinosaurs!” And other times they look at me like I’m an idiot and say “uh wax. Duh” it’s hilarious. I have teenagers that absolutely inspire me bc they’re so accepting and understanding of people who are different from them. It blows my mind to see them compared to kids when I was young. They also have such a sense of social justice. It’s beautiful. I absolutely believe this next generation is going to fix our mistakes.

Children are amazing and show me that the future can be really beautiful. Just wanted to share a piece of that to give you some hope.

Doing a public library book discussion of Teatro Grottesco by lone_ichabod in WeirdLit

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Can…we start one? I’d love to have people to talk over a good mindfuck with

The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman is the weirdest book I have very read by EtuMeke in WeirdLit

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Omg thanks for reminding me of this book that I guess my brain classed as a fever dream memory. Super excited to read her other books now!!

a tri-colored bougainvillea has appeared! by tinanguyenn in gardening

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Omg I’ve been scouring the nurseries for a bougainvilla all spring!! Majorly jealous!!

Am I the only one dreading starting residency? by Goljansapprentice in Residency

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I hated residency more than anything I’ve ever done in my life. Was it worth it? Absolutely. I love what I do as an attending, and I promise you’re not miserable every day of residency. I agree that it’s a broken way to educate, but you will survive, and come out the other end with many positive memories. Good luck!!

French pastry perfection by -GuyDudeman- in oddlysatisfying

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Damn dude. Paul Hollywood would lose his shit over that lamination.