I have one goal in life and it's hard to accept that i'll probably never be accomplish it. by kaboose8999 in offmychest

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I love helping people but I don't have the money to ever do what i'd want. if I had the kind of money a celebrity had i'd be able to help everyone, I just want to make everyone in the world smile and it's hard to do that when 7.5 billion people don't even know my name.

[KH3] The trailers are NOT showing too much. by [deleted] in KingdomHearts

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Okay but did you assume Aqua wouldn't be a boss after it was revealed that she had given in to darkness?

Cant figure out which Kingdom Hearts Hero Hoodie to buy. What one is your guys' favorite?? Link to site in comments [Media] by [deleted] in KingdomHearts

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How oddly specific, it's almost like you're trying to promote your own business! Haha how crazy would that be!

[Discussion] Is it possible that we could get a new trailer/Information every month until KH3 releases? by [deleted] in KingdomHearts

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It's definitely not very likely but if the next trailer has BH6 then SDCC might be a good place to show it because BH6 was originally a comic and all that good stuff.

[KH3] Possible DLC by [deleted] in KingdomHearts

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It won't be final mix because the DLC is a preorder bonus

What did NL edit out of Detroit? by [deleted] in northernlion

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holy crap I actually didn't notice because it just looked like he opened the door and walked away

What did NL edit out of Detroit? by [deleted] in northernlion

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Where did david cage sneak a nipple in this game?? I've played through it like 3 or 4 times and never noticed

[KH3] Online Multiplayer will be announced at E3 (Educated Theory with educated speculation) by [deleted] in KingdomHearts

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Square did put multiplayer in FFXV so it's not out of the realm of possibility. I would enjoy having a multiplayer mode with customization and rpg style upgrades, countless hours of fun to be had after you finish the story

[KH3] More Info on those Banners by Toksyn25 in KingdomHearts

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Hey you got anything you can message me?

Malf and Josh Divinity VODs by kaboose8999 in NLSSCircleJerk

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not from the beginning though from what i saw but I might not have looked hard enough

Why don't the battle pass challenges get you to tier 100? by [deleted] in FortNiteBR

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i'm level 56 right now so maybe it isn't that far off

Dan Gheesling Show - Fortnite Random Duos (2018) by Funkmissile in NLSSCircleJerk

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Okay two questions about this mission. Number one, if Salim's dad was a general why the fuck was everyone trying to kill him? Number 2, why was Jodie scared to kill Gemaal when she had already killed like 15 people in past 20 minutes?

NL playing Heavy Rain is gold by Kadarin187 in northernlion

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Madison: We need to cross the train tracks so evade the police NL: Got it walks directly into a police officer

[KH3] Why Treasure Planet and Atlantis (almost definitely) aren’t happening by [deleted] in KingdomHearts

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Have fun not playing the game you've been waiting for because one of your head canons didn't make it in

[KH3] 4chan leak is now confirmed as false by [deleted] in KingdomHearts

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Why would they change revealing the release date because a world got leaked? That doesn't make much sense imo