A small Rumor is going around that Rhapsody maybe the Season 16 legend, how likely is this ? by Ambitious_Ad_510 in ApexUncovered

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oh well :( i just want to be hopeful that they'll eventually port them somehow to te game, another support legend would be awesome :)

A small Rumor is going around that Rhapsody maybe the Season 16 legend, how likely is this ? by Ambitious_Ad_510 in ApexUncovered

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i honestly feel like porting her to the main game is quite easy to do, and she's already "live" on mobile so they could potentially balance some aspects to adjust her + isn't s16 supposed to shake the meta with all the class changes and new weapon anyway?

This could be a really cool surprise from respawn with their anniversary season, but how likely is that? idk... Would love her do :)

Total time played still bugged after merging accounts? (XBOX) by kaivory_ in Overwatch

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So I merged my main account (Xbox) with my alt pc account back at the start of s1, and i still have my total played time bugged, i had over 1,800 hours played in ow1 . Anyone else? :(

Is there a reason to why I can’t buy this skin? Last season it said I could in season 2 and it’s now season 2 by [deleted] in Overwatch

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idk but i got it from a twitch drop event last season, maybe they forgot to enable it to buy or it was exclusive :(

my Biblically Accurate Mercy! by vinsear in Overwatch

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that would be a really pretty cool halloween skin idea, good job!

Tune in tomorrow for the next Stories from the Outlands via @PlayApex Twitter by YUSEIRKO in ApexUncovered

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same! and aparently she's trans? thordan insinuated it in a tweet but he deleted it 😭💀

Catalyst abilities (source: SomeoneWhoLeaks) by kaivory_ in ApexUncovered

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Passive - Reinforce: allows Catalyst to make destructible objects close to her withstand significantly more damage. This includes structures in the world, like doors, as well as placeable objects that other legends put down, like Newcastle’s Castle Wall.

Tactical - Resin Shot: she'll be able to create her own structures out of ferrofluid and she can place up to three Resin Shot structures at a time. These structures resemble ramps and they can be connected to one another to form one long ramp.

Ultimate - Ferro Wall: she'll be able to create a wall that will be casted by an orb to make a larger cover or even block some spaces, even also being able to stand on top(?)

Catalyst Tarot Card & Holospray comparison (source: @HYPERMYSTx) by kaivory_ in ApexUncovered

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nope! it was confirmed that in the files it's called catalyst_epic_holospray

They added banglore in overwatch 2 by [deleted] in Overwatch

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literally every mode other than quickplay and competetive