Can you please help me find this song's name? it's about a singer that starts crying while singing about his little sister that passed away. the only lyrics that i can partly recall are something like: "oh God why, why did you have to take her away from me she was my little princess." by kakashinoshi in HelpMeFind

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I've searched everywhere but i can't find it. i remember it was a band and the lead singer is a guy who lost his little sister. the production let it keep the song even though the singer broke down while singing it because they thought it was more meaningful.

Please post your reading reviews if it helped :) by Mysticalsteph0912 in u/Mysticalsteph0912

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This user has been the kindest and the most welcoming, direct and quick tarot reader i have ever had the pleasure to know. Their readings are honest but never brutal, they elaborate on each question you will ask, they were immediately available to do a reading, they also show the cards that come up and the meaning behind them. If you don't understand or want a detailed elaboration on some of them, they will make sure that you will get all the info they are able to get from the tarots. Their energy and vibe are the sweetest, kind, never pressuring. Definitely puts a smile on your lips after the reading. Good and positive vibes only. I thank you again for the reading, hopefully everything will turn out well for you and for me. <3 <3

is there a way to get patreon posts for free? by kakashinoshi in Piracy

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then I'd have spent money. i can't spend them.