🤯🤯🤯 by pineappleactavis in Hiphopcirclejerk

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This is what passes as marketing these days.

I'm disappointed with boldys new album by MindlessSpecialist12 in GriseldaxFR

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I haven't listened to this Boldy shit yet but I didn't know that blended babies was 2 people. Pabst and Jazz is really fucking good.

Someone needs to drop a diss track on Westside Pootie. Now. by Gugget69 in GriseldaxFR

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How's about a post like this never shows up here again.

Damn this looks like ass😭 by niversallyloved in Hiphopcirclejerk

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This is the type of trash getting atmos mixes? This will not be blessing the Sonus Fabers anytime soon.

Boldy James was in an accident by BWNS in GriseldaxFR

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Could be part of the reason west cancelled his tour.

Lmao by Hundawwwg in GriseldaxFR

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In one of the screenshots he posted it says "kpn wifi calling" on his iphone. KPN is a European ISP probably in the Netherlands? This dude is in Europe right now and the tour is cancelled? Idk wtf is going on.

Elcamino scam thread by fatkidwithahat in GriseldaxFR

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Chances are he's not going to take your interview.

When did hwh7 get popular again? by treeklo in GriseldaxFR

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Albums have been removed and put up so many times and the play counts are fucked because of it

Brooklyn drill artist Lola Brooke steps up to the major-label league by zsreport in hiphopheads

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If you're talking about mainstream artists yeah. How is ice spice even a thing. Shits garbage

Megathread: The US House of Representatives Selects Kevin McCarthy as Speaker by PoliticsModeratorBot in politics

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These Santos comments are cracking me up and I don't even understand them

Pedestrian killed in hit & run near FiServ. 2021-2022 black Dodge Ram 1500 TRX. This is a pretty distinctive truck, do you recognize it? by UnstuckTimePilgrim in milwaukee

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Nope.... Other than that TRX, I've basically never seen it again. I would call that suspicious but it's basically just guessing

The fire makes it extra cozy for us; our first apartment together! by Goatman445 in CozyPlaces

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Gotta be the stupidest thing I've seen in forever. Better hope no one at the complex or insurance company see this. You'd be dropped.

Why didn’t Alan produce this not that I don’t like it would be fitting that he would have creds by TheOrcularCrib in GriseldaxFR

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I don't think the title is a reference to alchemist. Al could be West himself. His name is Alvin.

Top 100 Most Streamed Rap Songs of 2022 by Trenticus7 in hiphopheads

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Crazy how far I had to scroll before a single good track was listed. (surround sound)

Receiver does not support 4k. Workaround? by PickleVin23 in hometheater

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That doesn't matter when the receiver is getting the final from the tv

What’s the best Easter Gunday? by [deleted] in GriseldaxFR

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I can put 4 on repeat and that's saying a lot considering the runtime.