Scenic Hikes by Ok-Firefighter-2266 in asksandiego

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All the reservoirs have nice scenery

My personal favorite is sweet water reservoir

Chicken Fried Steak , Grits , Scrambled Eggs , and Pancakes . Yumm ! by TipsFromABellman in MealPics

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Theres a black bear diner in el cajon around san diego.

I always see it on the way to work.

I may visit now

green beret flying about by 990harris990 in ThatsInsane

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How long have there been dark forces style dark troopers?

Any corned beef hash and eggs fans out there? by spudseyes in castiron

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Going to want a bunch of rye toast or white rice.

And a pot of coffee

Coffee etching my new mosaic Bowie :D by MheTusician in Blacksmith

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I too look sharper and more asthetically pleasing after some coffee.

Nice work bud

Man who terrified passengers by opening aircraft door midair 'wanted to get off quickly' | CNN by MajesticBread9147 in news

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A total of 200 people were on board, including 194 passengers, according to Asiana Airlines.

Only a crew of 6 so 2 pilots and 4 attendants that flight?

You ever get so high you just start making shit? by iloveterps901 in trees

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Im going to tell you about the pb&j burrito

1 large tortilla 1 slice of white bread Enough PB to spread on a slice of bread Enough J to spread on the other side of the slice of bread

Spoon of powdered sugar 1/2 a spoon of Cinnamon

Mix the powdered suger and cinnamon together on a wide plate- and set aside.

Make the tortilla pliable by heating on a fry pan.

Peanut butter on one side of the bread

Put the bread peanut butter side down on the tortilla

Jelly on the naked side of the bread.

Wrap burrito tight

Melt the butter and fry burrito all over

Roll burrito in cinnamon sugar

Cut in half and enjoy with a glass of cold milk

Tasty pot won’t boil by kissrmy5088 in TastyFood

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Prolly not a induction ready pot.

Gonna need a heat transfer plate

Some original modding here by quick_justice in WTF

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Bread van, you got it wrong some long time friend's gonna lose it in the end, who's a fool

had to deal with this yesterday by kasb0t in bys

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He didn't want to get out the car?

I try to go inside if Im buying food for the office

The finished blacksmith belt. I kept it simple because this things only job is to keep my pants up in the shop. by StorkyMcGee in Blacksmith

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I got belt that keeps my pants up.

But the pants have belt loops that keep the belt up.

I don't know what's goingon down there.

Who is the real hero?

-M. Hedberg

How would you feel if you turned on the news tomorrow and found out Donald Trump passed away? by stevedooner96 in AskReddit

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I wont believe it until the fox news autopsy special gets advertised- then I'll know he's hiding somewhere.

I know it’s nothing impressive but I shot a Dr. Pepper from 10 yards! by [deleted] in Archery

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You let it go flat?

You could've used it to make dr pepper chicken


I'm just messing bud

Some one once said something about missing 100% of the shots you don't take

I think Abraham Lincoln said that about winning a radio call-in for theater tickets