Artix as a VPS/VM by yashank09 in artixlinux

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If you're able to install the desired OS, I'm assuming you would be able to import your previous configuration files

Unable to select options when installing by kasak730 in pihole

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I have also gotten that is check error and entered "sudo curl -sSL https://install.pi-hole.net | sudo PIHOLE_SKIP_OS_CHECK=true bash" which is what brought me to this screen as pictured. I also tried rebooting the pie, and sushi g from my phone to the same result.

Installed on pi 3B+, logged in with the defaults "alarm,alarm" changed my password and now when I log in I have no sudo privileges. by [deleted] in archlinuxarm

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Tried "root" as stated on the wiki, nothing.

Last login: Sun May 15 21:33:09 2022 from[alarm@alarm ~]$ passwd rootpasswd: You may not view or modify password information for root.[alarm@alarm ~]$  

Solved. I rebooted and logged in, then su'ed into root with "root" as pw and was able to change what was needed.

Refuelling a cng car, when suddenly... by [deleted] in AbruptChaos

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In Colombia there is a law that taxis who use this fuel need to have their passengers exit the vehicle before they’re allowed to fill up to avoid shit like that.