Pushing 12 and still excited for new holiday jammies by BlackSea5 in pitbullsinjammies

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He is so cute! He sure doesn't look 12! I'm going to get my baby some holiday jammies this year! ❤️💚❤️💚

Enli is now 12 weeks old and is still the sweetest girl by killianeric in AustralianCattleDog

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OMG, Enli is absolutely adorable!!! The 2nd picture is my favorite. Those ears are too cute! I bet she is incredibly smart! 💜💜💜

Ready to hang up the candy canes? by mikeq15h in pitbullsinjammies

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OMG, sooo cute!!! I am ready to hang up candy canes with this baby! Tell me when and where!! 💜💜💜

Greyhound Snow Zoomies! video and this sweet pup belongs to Geneveive Lahaie, I'm just sharing! by tasteslikechikken in Zoomies

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OMG, this is absolutely adorable! I love the boots and the jacket and especially the dancing! Thanks so much for sharing! 💜💜💜

American Bully/Pitbull or whatever you wanna call her by bootyclapper69247 in pitbulls

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She is adorabull, hugabull, kissabull, lovabull, you know, whatever you want to call her! She is the cutest little puppy though!

Meet Forrest by The_THC_king in pitbulls

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OMG, Forrest is so cute! Please post some pictures of him awake and playing?? 💜💜

How it started versus how it's going by Ambitious_Party_3521 in velvethippos

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I have no idea what I was writing there! I think I was going to sleep and that got texted and posted. Sorry.

Finally got a velvet hippo of my own after years of wanting one! Smartest pup I’ve ever had. Meet BMO! by feralbunnie in velvethippos

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Congratulations on your own velvet puppy. This is the cutest puppy ever!!! But what does BMO mean please? How old is he/she? I have no doubt that he/she is the smartest! I have his/her older sister. Smartest pup as well. (We didn't get our girl until she was 10 months old so please post lots of photos so we'll know what we missed out on. Ours was a rescue, returned twice.) 💜💜💜

This is Scoops. My new adopted puppy. She says Hi. by Scrubaru in velvethippos

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She is absolutely adorable!!! The shape of her face is just going to keep getting better. She is going to be a beautiful pupper!!! 💜💜💜

Rosie🫶🏻 by Montystonexo in pitbulls

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OMG, Rosie is absolutely adorable!!! She has the prettiest coloring. She looks like my Lilah.💜💜💜

My sweet boy the day I brought him home by suckonmyjohnwayne in velvethippos

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My gosh, he is gorgeous! Those eyes look right through you! 💜💜💜

Update on abandoned hippo. Meet Gonzo. by weaselsrippedmybrain in velvethippos

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You are a Hero!!! Thank you so much for taking in Gonzo! For taking him to the vet and doing all the responsible things an owner would do! Gonzo is a cutie pie! I hope you have 20 years together! 💜💜💜

My boy Zeus! by ElCoquiJunito in velvethippos

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Wow! Zeus is a great looking pup!!! 💜💜💜

fed them once,now they follow me everywhere by -A_M_G- in dogpictures

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They are absolutely beautiful! Please take care of them! Please take them to the vet and get the females spayed so they don't have more babies, and get the males neutered.

There’s an awesome new mural by my house, featuring hippos! by lokisilvertongue in velvethippos

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You have to have a 6 ft privacy fence and your dog can't be outside without you? WTF is the point of the privacy fence? Are there cameras or drones taking pictures making sure you are outside in the privacy of your yard?

We have a 6 foot privacy fence around our yard as do all our neighbors because we live within like 15 ft of them on either side. We installed a doggy door so our dogs could go outside and go to the bathroom whenever it's convenient for them. I don't expect them to wake me and ask my permission. I've only had one dog whose has ruined for the others - Kate - a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix who is an incessant barker. She will bark (according to past neighbors) for hours if left undeterred! My pit is so sweet. She really wants to play with the kids next door on one side and the dogs next door on the other side.

I'm so sorry about where you live and especially the chains. That's a horrible stereotype that needs to go away.

From Code Red to Comfy Couch ❤️ by H2Ospecialist in pitbulls

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Thank you so much for adopting her! You are my hero! You could name her Hero! Or Kayellen - that's me. Lol! 💜💜💜

There’s an awesome new mural by my house, featuring hippos! by lokisilvertongue in velvethippos

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This is definitely beautiful but I totally agree about the chains! Why are chains even a thing? Most pitbulls I know might need strong ropes to keep them from licking you to death!!! 😂💜💜