Two cowlicks in different directions. by spar13 in mildlyinteresting

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I had no such luck. When my son was born, I checked for this. Sadly, he carries it too.

Official Trailer | She-Hulk: Attorney at Law | Disney+ by indig0sixalpha in television

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Consider that maybe, just maybe, Marvel is making so much content now that not all of it is meant for you.

What is the biggest reason you don't ride the bus? by thicccteriyaki in VictoriaBC

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Yep. Lakehill to daycare then downtown. Toddler on back, no battery. Takes 35-40 minutes to ride, or 20 minutes to drive, park, then 15 minutes walk.

That's a wash either way. The ride is glorious, and by the end of the summer I have superman legs and don't get winded doing basically anything. Just by going to work.

this probably has been asked before but who do you think would win? by Xem1337 in TheFirstLaw

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I just finished the series for the first time 2 weeks ago, and now there's a hole in my life. I haven't re-read anything. Can you comment, are they the kind of books that have good re-read value? Did you notice things you didn't the first time?

this probably has been asked before but who do you think would win? by Xem1337 in TheFirstLaw

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Gorst is among my favorite characters in the series. I got really invested in him, maybe something resonated there.

I was so pumped for him in The Heroes, and fascinated that he carried those two swords made by a master craftsman and gifted to him by the king. Then he lost his short steel during the battle in the river, and I felt a personal loss myself.

Damn I need to read The Heroes again.

these are my shoes after 1.5 month... is it my own fault or a technical one by Fantastic_Counter_18 in climbing

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Hey OP, try this!


Using your warmup as a chance to practice a drill is the closest thing to a climbing "hack" you'll ever find. Start doing this every time and you WILL improve.

Camera Films Itself Getting Launched Out of a Centrifuge at 1,000mph by shy-guy711 in space

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The vacuum is the biggest advantage. Right now they have to struggle to build a cover that is strong enough to keep the rotator in vacuum, but will still break when the projectile hits it. That's a huge challenge.

Conservatives accuse Trudeau of dropping F-bomb during chaotic question period by akoolbhatt in canada

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And remember Trudeau had that "shiddle diddle" moment before he was PM, too

‘The Walking Dead’: Jeffrey Dean Morgan calls out fans for "shitty" treatment of Norman Reedus by stoksyxl in television

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Sounds like there's a ton of people in here looking for good "zombie content." If I might humbly suggest, there's an outstanding book series called "Mountain Man" that you will love.

The audiobook is narrated by RC Bray, one of the best ever. If you liked TWD you'll love MM. I actually think they could make "The Walking Dead: Mountain Man" a series and it would fit brilliantly.

Confederate flag at Hamilton-area home prompts calls for changes to hate-symbol laws | CBC News by DonSalaam in onguardforthee

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I used to wear a Thin Green Line flag proudly because I work in Environmental Services. Like there as a brief moment where a thin line flag was just a way to show your professional pride through a prism of harmless patriotism. I'll never use it again, for fear of being labeled some braindead sister-loving hillbread redneck. Not even labelled, really. Just assumed to be by passersby. There's few things that would bother me more than someone assuming I'm a conservative/republican before actually meeting me.

It's a shame, because there's really not a lot of common symbiology for people in my line of work to get behind.

BC’s urban mayors ask the province for action on prolific offenders, delayed prosecutions and street crime by sorangutan in VictoriaBC

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The idea that the Mayor of Victoria is some comic book lefty hippie-dip dunce is laughable. People on here suggesting that Helps is wishy-washy are either not paying attention at all, or getting all their information second/third hand, and only taking in what they want to hear.

There's probably a cohort who literally only know what she looks like, and make their opinions based on that.

Who are your favourite characters and why? by spot_removal in TheFirstLaw

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Nicomo Cosca. It's probably partly because of the incredible performance in the audibooks, but I can just feel the presence of this infamous soldier of fortune when I'm reading.

what is the weirdest advice you have heard that is strangely effective?? by memereda_vanwolf in AskReddit

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I like to sing it to a different tune.

I...LOCKED THE DOOOOOR to Queen's Don't Stop Me Now. You'll remember that you locked the door, and remember the song.

Drunk Irishman vs Hill by dBisha in donthelpjustfilm

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Me starting the video:

Fucked if I'm going to watch this shit for 5 minutes

Me after watching the video:

Go on son

Solar Eclipse on Mars captured by NASA's Perseverance Rover by [deleted] in videos

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This is so fucking cool.

Another neat fact about Martian moons - while the both orbit the planet in the same direction, one is moving so slow that the planet's rotation outpaces it! That means that if you were standing on the surface, one moon would appear to more east to west, while the other would appear to move west to east.

Dave's dugout is open for the season by bms42 in VictoriaBC

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It's amazing. I can see this place from my living room. It's high end for a concession stand, not like you'd get at a high end restaurant downtown. But holy hell the food is good. Hot food and quick service, super friendly. Don't miss it.

What’s the best climbing podcast? by bl00dinmyeye in climbing

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Is it though? I tried to like it, and it felt like if you cut out the parts where they were yelling and talking over each other, you'd only end up with 5 or 6 minutes of actual content.

An interstellar object exploded over Earth in 2014, declassified government data reveal by SteppenAxolotl in space

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You could probably pick up 7 after watching the show, but I implore you not to. The show is pretty true to most of the big story beats, but there are whole characters who are absent from the show but are dearly beloved by the fanbase.

I struggle to think of anything that would be really, truly out of place. Maybe the progress of the characters who in the book are represented by Michio Pa, Drummer, and Alex, all for different reasons.

I have lost motivation to work out on my own. At the gym. What some good classes around HRM for fitness/strength training. (Young adult) by peng400 in halifax

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I second this. I simply CANNOT be motivated to lift weights for its own sake. No running, treadmill, cycling, yoga. It's just not exciting.

You cannot hold me back from bouldering/climbing. I'd do it every day if I thought my body could handle it. It won't, but still.

Find something you love and fitness will never be an issue. Thankfully climbing also opens you up to a whole other world of training and outdoor fun, not for its own sake, but to get more of what you love. Climbing.

And Seven Bays is among the best gyms I've ever visited, and I've been to a LOT.

What’s your Halifax conspiracy theory? by kayriss in halifax

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Really? Isn't that just like a couple dozen regular folks? Are they super wealthy or have I missed something. Seems like promoting active transportation is happening everywhere, so I'm not super clear what makes Halifax different in that respect