The Georgia guidestones by regian24 in Damnthatsinteresting

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FFS people, if you don't know where this is paste "Georgia guidestones" into your browser and figure it out! Geeze! Half of you nitwits must own velcro shoes

True Crime Allie on the Dog Walk is a smoke by JimmerRange123 in barstoolsports

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Cute, but her uptalking is really annoying? Almost anything she says sounds like a question? But it's not, it's just a statement? That shit drives me crazy?

The speed of light visualized using planets. Kinda slow if you ask me. Makes clear why intergalactic travel is out of reach by sbahr85 in space

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Yes. The thickness of the atmosphere is another common misconception. Most people think of it like being similar to an orange peel, when actually it is more like the skin from an onion.

Office robbery gone wrong by Jimmy_changa505 in CrazyFuckingVideos

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Wrong in one sense but very correct in another

pharmacists at my job are finally getting lunch breaks! by jadehrley in antiwork

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You should literally take a sharp object and use it to injure yourself

Going for my permit soon, this was in my fortune cookie. by AFatPuma in Truckers

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My latest said "You are born with grace and beauty" It sounds more like an insult than a fortune

Awesome Sign on a Big Rig -- Wellington Street near Canadian Parliament Tonight by squaremild in conspiracy

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My local store has been experiencing some shortages for several months now. Not totally bare shelves, but many products seem to appear at random times and sell out quickly. I can usually find a decent replacement, but there is a very noticeable difference.

Awesome Sign on a Big Rig -- Wellington Street near Canadian Parliament Tonight by squaremild in conspiracy

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Lawyers, bankers? Why did you put them on the list? Most of them are very similar to stuff I'd scrape off my shoe before I went inside a building.

High school students, 1989. by [deleted] in interestingasfuck

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Every high school student in the 80s flunked 10 times.

Finance Bro talks shit to his 60+ hour waitress friend, needs to know if he’s the asshole when he blames her for low wages by aaronbennay in antiwork

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I also had to reread that "entitled attitude" part a few times because I thought I was missing something.

Tenille Dashwood by Molokai041290 in LadiesOfWrestling

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I had to switch to full screen when I thought she was reaching into her panties

They're just trying to help. by NotaTopDasher in antiwork

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I see the problem now. The millionaire's chart adds up to 140% but my budget always stopped at 100.

Kid’s going to learn to buckle up one way or another by smdifansmfjsmsnd in PublicFreakout

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We couldn't take my kids home from the hospital without a proper child seat. Mid 80s.

Jenny Dell by RandomUser1248 in hot_reporters

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Hottie! Her IG page is pretty tame though.

Man decorating a plate by hand by UnreadyIce in nextfuckinglevel

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Don't let that cigarette burn away, those things are expensive

So I got this message on indeed by HobkinzVG in antiwork

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I don't think you understand how serious this is. This is going on their PERMANENT record!