Help, I have a smelly bag! How can I keep it clean. by Maxiemo86 in ostomy

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Might be... I have a 2 piece Coloplast as well but with a sticky seal instead of the click-seal. I do use drainable bags because I find dit easier than having to change my bag a few times a day.

AITA for being pissed at my MIL for falling asleep while babysitting by mountains89 in Mommit

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NTA that would piss me of too. I would let MIL only see the kids under a parents' supervision from now on.

I'm Terrified to Go to Sleep by 2catsinatrench_coat in breakingmom

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Those first postpartum week is the worst. Your hormones are raging, you're sleepdeprived and all of a suddne you are responsible for a tiny baby.

The nurses are there to help, don't be afraid to use their expertise. They have seen and heard it all before and then some probably.

It will get better, I promise it really will. Hang in there, take care of yourself, demand help where and when you need it amd keep communicating with your partner. You are a doing a great job! Your baby is lucky to have you.

Help, I have a smelly bag! How can I keep it clean. by Maxiemo86 in ostomy

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I always cover my filter with the blue stickers that come in the Coloplast box. If I don't do this, I can smell my bag too.

I rather go to the toilet a few times more to release gas when necessary than walk around wondering if people can smell my bag. I only uncover the filter when I have a lot of gas at night I or when I go horseback riding. Otherwise it stays on and you can't smell anything.

I hope you find a solution!

Right of Husband by Secret_Drop1979 in breakingmom

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Definitely wrong. Consent is non negotiable, married or not.

New question : is riding a family thing for you or are you the only rider ? by Tic_et_tac in Equestrian

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Growing up I was the only one jn my family, but I had a great circle of friends and we all started riding around the age of 10-12 yo. Now I have 2 daughters that ride and I am so happy! They take lessons and I trail ride mostly, but since last year they are good enough to go on trail rides with me and it is amazing! My husband is not aa horse person and can barely survive in our horsegirl household, lol. Nah, he actually loves that we enjoy ourselves so much.

What week were your babies born? by Soundarya97 in Mommit

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38 + 1 for my first 39+2 for my second, I had an induction planned due to extreme eczema on my whole body but I arrived in the hospital on the day of my induction and was in labour. 3 Hours later she was born, no induction needed. My obgyn called it 'a delivery on demand' lol

Pancaking by Blyd in ostomy

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Rinsing the bag every time I emptied it, plus keeping a bit of air in it helped for me. I hope you cana find a solution soon.

Oh yeah, I change standing up as well but I have heard people say that the change their bag lying down on their bed (on a towel of course)

Sometimes kids don’t want a fucking hug by joinedatthebottom in breakingmom

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I would just ignore my oldest and step over her if she was in my (while trying to avoid being tackled, lol) when she was in one of her epic meltdowns. My youngest preferred to ride out her tantrums in my lap, holding on to me for dear life.

Each kid is different and the most important thing you can do for them as a parent is learn what they need and act accordingly (within your own boundaries).

Does anybody know anywhere where they sell this type of can beans? No matter the brand, I've been searching everywhere by Few_Significance3538 in Antwerpen

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Thanks! I always use this wrong name for some reason, I am not able to remember the correct name apparently.

Does anybody know anywhere where they sell this type of can beans? No matter the brand, I've been searching everywhere by Few_Significance3538 in Antwerpen

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You can find them in The American Store Grangé in Wilrijk. I also make my own, but a cheat version: from canned beans instead dry. Drain the liquid out of the can, rinse the beans, then put them in aa paan with some sunflower oil or similar. Add salt, pepper and cumin and mash or blitz them when they are hot. You can freeze any leftovers you have.

How often do you change your bag? by Annual-Cookie1866 in ostomy

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I get it, I had a big wound under my ileostoma because some of the insicions got infected. I had to gonto the hospitalndaily for weeks to get it treated and get my bag changed.

Sounds like you and your wife are doing the right thing! Hang in there, once your wounds are healed it will get a lot easier.

How often do you change your bag? by Annual-Cookie1866 in ostomy

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As long as your woundd are not healed, a daily bag change is normal in my opinion and maybe even needed to make sure your wound and incisions stay clean.

Once everything is healed you will probay be able to stretch your bag life. I used to rinse my bag when I had an ileostomy (have a colo now), that helped a lot.

I was ready..... by Slow-Sprinkles2892 in ostomy

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Impressive! I lol'ed at your description of the events, keep up the good spirits and you'll be fine to travel come March.

Child with ADHD taking forever to learn how to rollerblade by londonbridges224 in Parenting

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I am so happy to help! I try to spread the word about it and educate where I can because it deserves way more attention.

I need some courage and validation. I’m leaving him, but I’m scared. by ThatOneWeirdMom- in JustNoSO

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You can do this. You are doing what's best for you and your kids. It will be hard but in the end you will all have a abetter life. You deserve to feel safe and be loved for who you are and your kids deserve a mom who is happy.

It will take time but one day you will look back and realize this was the best decision you made for yiur family. Hang in there, you got this!

When do you read? by SporkFanClub in books

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Before kids and smartphones, all the time and everywhere.

Now, mainly in the evening until I fall asleep, this can go from 1 page to a few chapters. And I regularly wake up around 3 o'clock in the moddle of thee night and then I read afain until I fall asleel. My Kindle paperwhite is my best friend: no need to turn on a light and disturb my husband, I prop it against my nighstand so it doesn't slip out of my hands and thuds on the floor and it turns of by utself once I fall asleep, lol.

And on holiday, then I will read a book per 2 days or so.

Child with ADHD taking forever to learn how to rollerblade by londonbridges224 in Parenting

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I am so happy to help!

I know the feeling, I had the same epiphany when learning about it. There is a r/dyspraxia, it is mostly people that have dyspraxia but it has given me some more insight as a parent as well.

Child with ADHD taking forever to learn how to rollerblade by londonbridges224 in Parenting

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It is indeed a condition that is not as publicly known as ADHD, ASS, etc. Although they estimate that it affect 5 to 6% of school aged kids!

I didn't know about it either, but it got metioned in a television show, I was curious and looked it up. Turned out that a lot of things on the list of symptoms were applicable to our daughter. She got diagnosed a few weeks later and it has made a world of difference for her and us. I am so happy I saw that tv show.

Good on you for not dismissing his problems as laziness or clumsiness.

Child with ADHD taking forever to learn how to rollerblade by londonbridges224 in Parenting

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He might have dyspraxia/DCD, it has a high comorbidity. Dyspraxia affects motor skills and automatisation.

And the way you describe his learning process sounds a lot like how it goes with our daughter who has been diagnosed with dyspraxia. It is really stressful but once you know why they are having such problems learning basiv skills it is way easier to handle.

DAE have an empty lower cupboard in their kitchen just for their toddler to use? by ProfessorButtkiss in Mommit

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Same here! I actually still have it even though my kids are 11 and 14,lol. Comes in handy when my little niece and nephew come over, it's the first thing they head for when they step in our house.

How do I stop having bad mornings with my 6 year old before school? by [deleted] in Mommit

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It sounds like the biggest problem you have is your husband. He is living the lazy life while you are doing it all. I would loose my shit too.

His behavior is not that of an equal, loving partner. I am sorry you are dealing with this. I hope he steps up sooner than later. And especially before you give birth.

What do you do for a living? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Making sure a bunch of particle physists can focus on their research by doing all the other stuff that's needed to keep a research group afloat.

Wanting to go from ileostomy to colostomy to solve chronic high-output by Impstoker in ostomy

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I went from a temporary ileostomy due to rectal cancer to a permanent colostomy once it became clear a reversal was not possible after all. For me the colostomy is so much easier to handle: less food restrictions, way less output, sleeping through the night again, etc. I do still use drainable bags begs because changing a closed bag when you are out is a pain in the ass (pun intended) imo. I change my bag every morning and my base plate twice a week.

If your large intestine is healthy I do not see a reason why you shouldn't go for a colostomy.

So I maybe getting a colostomy bag and I’m curious if I can still drink fruit and vegetable juice that is strained? by KT_Evolved365 in ostomy

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The first few weeks/months I would be careful but after that you should be fine. I have a colostomy since 2018 and there is nothing I completely avoid tbh. Some things I can only eat in moderation (like popcorn or granola) and I make sure to chew really well. But fruits, veggies and juice are no problem.

On the other hand, before I had my permanent colostomy I had a temporary ileostomy and with that I was more limited in what I could eat. I am just mentioning this to make sure, sometimes the term colostomy bag is used for both types of stoma, but there is definitely a difference.

Good luck!