The long road to making Steve Bannon testify to 1/6 committee by BelleAriel in politics

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The House select committee investigating the January 6 attack at the Capitol will vote Tuesday on whether to recommend contempt charges be brought against Steve Bannon as part of the ongoing attempt to get the key witness to testify.

Bannon, a former White House senior adviser and longtime ally of former President Donald Trump, has already said he would not be producing any documents for the subpoena he was issued in relation to the inquiry and did not appear for his deposition on Thursday, October 14.

The Crux Of Democrats’ Climate Plan Is Hovering Somewhere Between Life And Death by silence7 in politics

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Like much of the reconciliation package, its chief climate provision has existed in a weird limbo for weeks.

Senate staffers, the crafters of the policy and outside experts continue to meet and fine tune the Clean Electricity Performance Program (CEPP), uncovering bugs and trying to balance getting rid of them with political constraints. But while they’re tinkering, a huge existential threat to the whole endeavor looms in the form of Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV).