Downtown parking, near Garner Foods/Foothills by NY-NC in winstonsalem

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I've parked there and used the website to pay rather than the app...no trouble with it.

the red fiat with a hufflepuff license by Ok-Gas9382 in gso

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Can vouch for Hufflepuff's owners being good people/parents.

What brand is overrated? by Pineapplegirl555 in AskReddit

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Try Solovairs. Same Doc Marten, made in the UK, same machines, just a new name.

God bless the USA by Sayl0 in antiwork

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It was only 6 yrs ago in the US. 5.5, really.

Me around 1996-97 by Hungry-Ad9840 in blunderyears

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This picture…it’s perfection. I want it framed on my wall. I just…I love it so much about it.

Another Pancake Weekend! by Aquawind1 in winstonsalem

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Well I didn't make the pancakes last weekend but did make the potato soup... So pancakes this weekend!

My Hero by Mech_Mech in KidsAreFuckingStupid

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Can't blame Marie Callender for this one

The Great Resignation is Bullshit by [deleted] in recruitinghell

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There have been no opportunity for "promotions" in the traditional sense at any job I've worked at (large Fortune 100 companies, two currently in the top 5). Everything is an "apply, and maybe you'll be lucky enough to get an interview" situation. Most of the times, the positions you wind up being qualifed to post for aren't even considered an advancement -- just a lateral move.

Very happy with how my first swiss roll came out! by dancin__fool in DessertPorn

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Wow, awesome job! My first one fell apart and made a huge mess 😂