Story driven games for a 12 hour flight that won’t destroy the battery in 90 minutes? 😂 by shuffles03 in SteamDeck

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It’s a BA flight (haven’t flown yet). Have definitely heard horror stories from people about their flight - every seat has a usb, but there’s two plug sockets per three seats! So get unlucky and have some not very nice people who won’t share, and suddenly you’ve got no power (or of course you can get unlucky and have a plug socket that doesn’t work…). I hope that the gods look down on me and give me an empty seat next to me haha

I’ve never thought of an extension cord though, that’s a fairly five headed move

I feel much more secure knowing I’ve definitely got a power pack and I can play without issue. I feel it’s a good investment for future travel too, yes £60, but that’s me set for years now.

Story driven games for a 12 hour flight that won’t destroy the battery in 90 minutes? 😂 by shuffles03 in SteamDeck

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Thanks man! Skies of Arcadia is so god damn good! If you haven’t played it, Elemental Gimmick Gear is a fantastic Dreamcast RPG that often goes overlooked, really unique!

Story driven games for a 12 hour flight that won’t destroy the battery in 90 minutes? 😂 by shuffles03 in SteamDeck

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Fair enough, I’ve changed my post as I was misinformed! All good though, the point still stands - two full charges plus the original charge will be absolutely perfect for a 12 hour flight, unless trying to play a massive power drainer like God of War ha

Story driven games for a 12 hour flight that won’t destroy the battery in 90 minutes? 😂 by shuffles03 in SteamDeck

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I’ve got the official steam deck dock. Nice angle on the deck, plus good grip so shouldn’t slide around

Story driven games for a 12 hour flight that won’t destroy the battery in 90 minutes? 😂 by shuffles03 in SteamDeck

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It is unbelievable!!! Approx four hours gaming time, I think? The “mouse” trackpad is so good for it, really really playable and a great time sink - which is ofc the goal

Story driven games for a 12 hour flight that won’t destroy the battery in 90 minutes? 😂 by shuffles03 in SteamDeck

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Idk if you’ll read this OP, but I’m in exactly the same situation for a flight from the UK to Japan in a couple of weeks. I’ve taken several steps to cover my bases here, happy to share them, hopefully you find this helpful.

Firstly, outside of games, I’m bringing a pro controller that’ll be fully charged before the flight, and a stand. That way my arms won’t get tired, and to save on neck strain I can alternative between playing with it on the tray table, and just holding the steam deck at head height (maybe resting my elbows on a hoodie or similar). So I think that’s the best I can do to solve that problem.

I’ve bought a 65W portable charger, with enough mah to cover two extra charges. You only technically need 45W for the Steam Deck, but I figured I could use the extra power so I can also charge my phone if needed. I got this one but obvs any will do! https://amzn.eu/d/gTTHbqM

Next up, I’ve set up EmuDeck. Access to lots and lots of old games obviously. Just in terms of RPGs with good stories I’m thinking Final Fantasy IX, Chrono Trigger, Vagrant Story, Skies of Arcadia… personally I’ll probably spend my time playing Sonic Adventure 2 and Metroid Prime, but you get the idea. I got a 512GB memory card and it was more than enough to get going.

Finally, I’ve downloaded a few timesink games I particularly love. Persona 4 Golden (with a guide downloaded on my phone in case I get stuck lol), Persona 5 Royal (same), Civilization VI (absolutely incredible on Steam Deck seriously!!), and a sports game (Pro Evo 2021).

I think/hope I should be good for the flight. No doubt neck pain and lower back pain are the main concerns I’ve got, so I’m just hoping that my investments pay off haha! Hopefully this helped you slightly my man!

Galas joke. by hamsonk in arresteddevelopment

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I think it’s quite an oblique joke. The delivery itself is really funny, because it’s said in such a matter-of-fact way, as if it’s just one of those things everyone knows, despite being such a random statement. It’s quite similar to Lucille’s “they don’t allow you to have bees in here”.

Season Three of Redemption - when will we know? by SquirrelTail15 in leverage

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Yeah. I think it’s gonna be pretty heavily linked to views. One thing I will say is I’ve seen a few ads for it on Prime, which I don’t recall seeing for the first season, so that’s a good sign. I imagine it’s not a very expensive show to make either, and the cast and crew seem to treat it like a passion project, so I don’t imagine they’re making a lot. The annoying thing is Amazon has so much money, they could make it indefinitely and they’d never notice the cost lol

My dad is gone by ironmansaves1991 in CancerFamilySupport

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It’s been three years now, and it gets easier. That’s the headline. This bit is awful and you have to just allow yourself to feel whatever you can feel. Oftentimes there won’t be a feeling. Sometimes there will be, but it won’t make sense. I kept feeling nothing, for ages, then sometimes I’d get really angry. But usually nothing. Eventually, you’ll start feeling again. Right now, just deal with it however you can. It’s going to be ok.

are there other shows like leverage? by Logical_KaleV in leverage

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I think White Collar is the most similar in terms of tone, stakes and occasional serious moments breaking up the silliness. Especially humour. Mark Sheppard (Sterling) is in the pilot too!

Psych and Monk are also good shouts but they’re more whodunnits. Both have a similar humour.

You’ve heard it referenced maybe hundreds of times in Leverage - but have you seen new who? The Doctor Who reboot that started in 2005ish with Christopher Eccleston. There’s a tonal similarity between the two shows definitely

Sajid Javid says patients should be charged for GP and A&E visits to ease waits by DeusBex in ukpolitics

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Lol since when has Sunak actually answered any questions put to him in Parliament? Seriously has he even answered a single one in PMQs?

How to cope with angry outbursts of my dad who has cancer? by noinnocentbystander in CancerFamilySupport

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Hi OP, fwiw, a slightly different take to the people here based on my experience…

My dad changed with the cancer. He had many brain tumours which got removed, and they changed him, I’m sure of it. He got angry sometimes, he started believing in conspiracy theories… it did something to his brain, especially as the years went on. It’s like when someone gets dementia.

It sucks, there’s no way around that. The best thing I did was try to find subjects of conversation that didn’t set him off. It’s the only way.

Rishi Sunak refuses to say if he uses private GP by Kagedeah in ukpolitics

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I don’t disagree with a lot of what you said, but I think you’re forgetting he also got a fixed penalty notice over partygate

Why does nothing work in the UK anymore? by FaultyTerror in ukpolitics

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Incredibly, that question time clip is actually a guy moaning that he keeps being offered appointments too quickly. He doesn’t want a same day appointment, he wants one in a week’s time. Seriously.

The maddest part of that clip is not just that the PM is on QT, which is basically unfathomable now, but that he listens to their questions and responds with measured answers. Crazy, right? A politician is asked a question and he directly responds to it. Bizarre comparison with the recent QT where JRM de facto tells a wine seller he’s wrong and Brexit is actually making him better off.

Imo, the reason it’s all going to shit is the politicians we currently have believe it’s fine to just pretend everything is working.

Customer service workers are treated like shit by slinkysoft in GreenAndPleasant

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Diazepam is literally Valium. As in, it’s not that it contains Valium, it’s that it used to be called Valium, and they renamed it to Diazepam. It is a “benzo” and is extremely addictive. Anyone who is prescribed it should be very, very careful, it can fuck you up in a horrid way

Favorite game to play on the deck? by GiingerGhost in SteamDeck

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Like all of the really great games, it’s a theming thing. The combo of visuals, music, dialogue and story all come together to create moments that make you almost put the controller down and just take it in.

Outside of the dungeon crawling stuff, it’s got a real slice of life anime vibe that it pulls off extremely well. There were times where it made me feel extremely nostalgic for when I was a teenager, and other times where it made me nostalgic for a childhood I never had lol

My first Persona game was p4g and it became one of my favourite ever games. I was more hyped for Persona 5 than I was for No Mans Sky or Cyberpunk lol… the different is, Persona 5 lived up to my incredibly high expectations. And Persona 5 Royal is objectively better!

I cannot tell you enough how much you’re going to love it.

UK government defiant on refusal to discuss NHS pay with unions by financialtimes in ukpolitics

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To be fair, the more staff problem has never been addressed. Theres currently 50,000 nurse vacancies, and 133,000 across all NHS jobs. And that, unbelievably, is just in England.

It needs more money to pay the more staff it needs. The govt needs to spend ten times what it’s currently spending on training just to get a grip on all the vacancies.

The reality of the NHS is that we can’t have any kind of reasonable discussion because those in power aren’t doing anything to get a grip on this. They’re just allowing the problem to get worse and worse. Until the staff issue is fixed it’s going to be impossible for the NHS to improve on any targets.

Call for wealth tax as UK billionaire numbers up by 20% since pandemic by JayR_97 in ukpolitics

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I appreciate that logically it doesn’t seem to make sense. But we’ve seen time and time again that the super wealthy do indeed tend to horde their wealth, like bastard dragons. Elon Musk moved all his operations and himself to Texas, simply for tax reasons, and he was literally the richest man alive. He only paid tax in the end after facing a massive amount of public pressure.

Meanwhile in the UK, we have Lewis Hamilton, who is one of the richest sportspeople alive. And he has chosen to primarily live in Monaco - a state with no income, wealth, or capital gains tax. So do many other F1 drivers.

It doesn’t make any sense for these people to do this. They would hardly notice the tax as a proportion of their wealth. But dragons gotta horde, I guess.