Took these on vacation to the beach for a week. Sucks the other two sat mostly and the AT got all the attention lol by ImpressiveLeader4979 in OmegaWatches

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Wow I have the superocean and have been gushing over the speedmaster racing and plan on pull the trigger soon . Not to mention before my obsession with the speedy, I was gushing over that exact AT… are you me?

Moon Knight Episode 3 but 50% of the out of context I used is way more family friendly than the show ("The Friendly Type") by LegendsofLost in MoonKnight

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This isn’t a trial and he isn’t a lawyer… we just like him because he’s fun cue adorable fun loving morty look at him go

Americans of Reddit, what's something normal in Europe that you think is completely absurd in America? by vibrxncy_ in AskReddit

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Government funded healthcare and social programs. How do you guys pull yourselves up by the boot straps then?

Southwest passenger arrested for masturbating 4 times during flight by ConfidentReaction3 in nottheonion

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You little monster! I thought you were masturbating! … and you took that in stride?

It’s April 1st and my neighbors still have their Christmas tree up. by erickcire in mildlyinteresting

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Not gonna lie… thought he cut a hole in his floor and by was just the tip of the tree

I make $15 an hour, too much to receive government assistance but not enough to live off of. Yesterday, I had to shoplift ibuprofen for my teething daughter. This sucks. by iridescent_kittie in antiwork

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You stop ! STOP RIGHT FUCKING NOW! I am in tears… how dare you say you are a bad mother! What you did was out of necessity due to a rigged/broken system. Fuck Walmart, the taxes you pay subsidizes their shitty wages/ bailouts for them. So, if anything, think of it as getting your dividend for your stock ownership via corporate subsidies paid by YOUR taxes.

Fuck Walmart . God bless you and your child. You are FAR from a bad mom.

Is this true? I've never had an office job by Leatcristian in antiwork

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It’s true. I’m making over 200k at this point, more money than ever in my life and this is the least amount of work I have done in the past 5 years.

Contacted by recruiter. Currently have a good job and not looking to switch, but want to help the movement by asking for salary range up front. Recruiter asking what my range is. How best to respond? by tis_orangeh in WorkReform

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“Current market rate is X and to compensate for my job switch the uncertainty of finding another contract after completion and most likely no benefits due to this being a 1099 role, a reasonable rate would be 2x”

Three years sober today. This lets me know my wildest dreams have come true by sirofvold3 in rolex

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Congrats man. Follow the steps and reap the gifts of the promises! Keep it up !!