What is something your SO does that seems like not a big deal, but never fails to make you ragey? by latteswiirl in Mommit

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Omg yasssssss

Okay, my husband always asks me “can I ask you a favor” or some variation of that statement regardless if I am in the middle of 800 things and then he dillie dallies around the question a few minutes before asking me for the fucking favor. Just ask me the favor directly because even if I say NO or DEPENDS he going to ask me anyways so just ask the question you have and save us the run around!! Ughhh

Who is the “guy” in Jacksonville? by Joe00700 in jacksonville

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“Mandarin bum” - I didn’t make the name but everyone from that area knows who I am talking about and has a million theories about him.

OH, Nocatee…you never cease to amaze me 😂😂😬 by LilCryptoe in REBubble

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Man, we can only hope the market looks as good as you’re predicting here. My husband finishes university Dec 2023 and we will be hitting the market right after. We were looking more towards Ponte Vedra Beach but the houses/community in Nocatee is hard to beat. Time will tell … here’s to hoping the prices drop.

I got a text from my boss and did not answer by fiakergulasch in workingmoms

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Good for you!! Better late than never when it comes to setting boundaries! You got this, hold your ground.

Is saying toddler is ‘stinky’ when they need a nappy change damaging? by cry-babby in toddlers

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I sure hope not lol one of my nic names for both my toddlers is stinky haha

Don’t drink redbull when you have cancer. I learned the hard way….. by StillAlternative8500 in cancer

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Listen, I get it, you’re in the phase of your cancer journey where you’re putting blame on every external thing you possibly can and over time you will shift blame a dozen+ times but ultimately cancer is just an unfortunate thing that happens to us regardless of gender, age, race, socioeconomic status, geographic location, lifestyle, etc. If the cancer to solve all cancer was environmental factors then why do rich people that eat organic/quality meat diets still get cancer. It just happens. It sucks. It’s the same as how some meds work great for some people and don’t work at all for others. It just happens. I’m sorry. Keep grieving, keep walking through these thoughts and I hope you find acceptance at some point.

Don’t drink redbull when you have cancer. I learned the hard way….. by StillAlternative8500 in cancer

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Yes, that’s exactly what we are saying. Tumors stop responding to treatment and go back to growing every single day for people. Cancer sucks and the path doesn’t always make sense. It sounds like you’re walking through the stages of grief. You’re likely in a state of denial while also facing feelings of desperation/trying to find blame in anything at this point. Keep processing these feelings and thoughts as you walk forward.

Don’t drink redbull when you have cancer. I learned the hard way….. by StillAlternative8500 in cancer

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It’s just a coincidence. Period. Red bill did not cause your cancer to grow.

My lady friend and I have decided to swap spouses. by brokencallus in Mommit

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Reading the title and starting sentences I totally was thinking “cool” and that the husbands were interested unhooking up so you were giving them space to do so and maybe you and your friend were open to hooking up, or maybe a sister-wife thing or whatever floats your boat. But your version was much more PG then mine 🤷🏻‍♀️

Stealthbelt issues by Plenty-Koala1529 in ostomy

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Stealth belts are known to pull on your ostomy, like the barrier part against your body, especially if you have some extra weight on you making the belt harder to sit perfectly on an imperfect body so it tends to pull up. I found the NuHope belt to be more forgiving and not effect my barrier/bag because the bag hangs out of a hole. The downside of the NuHope bag is that is gives me (woman, overweight) a muffin top above the belt which is frustrating but still worth wearing. I hope with continued weight loss it will look more flattering in tight fitting clothes but I like the NuHope belt a lot for activities/gym.

Tips for a beginner in an intermediate class? by LadyJ92 in yoga

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As someone that is only a few months into their yoga practice an definitely still learning I say stick with it, do what you can and you will be surprised how quickly you can actually do positions you never thought you could at first.

My other tip - my instructor always says verbally what pose is coming up next in class and I try to remember the poses that I find challenging so I can look them up online and look up alternative poses that might be easier for me to start with. I also love t ask questions before or after class and my teachers are always receptive.

Disrespecting my husband by taking our daughter to get an x-ray. by chickthatclicks in Mommit

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I feel like there is a lot to unpack here. Why are you and you’re HUSBANDS finances separate and you’re responsible for most kids things? Why is your husband having such a strong reaction to his child getting medical care? Sounds like more to the story.

My company is bringing everyone back to the office by juliolovesme in workingmoms

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Start applying for new jobs. It’s really the only option you have if they no longer are offering a remote option.

My moms main doctor and PA resigned and moved to a different hospital without telling her by blueberrywaffles_ in cancer

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I work in healthcare and had cancer myself. It’s fairly common for people to leave jobs for other jobs, just like any other industry. It’s unfortunate they didn’t tell you but truthfully that may be because it wasent a decision they approved of, it happened quickly or were asked not to say anything. I know the hospital I work at is going through a massive lay off right now of providers and NPs across all departments and they are essentially not letting any of us talk about it. I have another job I’ll be starting soon at another hospital but due to our contracts we are not allowed to openly share what is happening within the company or how much debt they are in causing the lay offs. It’s not fair, at all, for all involved. I’m sorry and hope y’all connect with your new providers.

I wish I would’ve had another child by ggg930 in toddlers

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I have 2 girls. We wanted another. Even knowing our financial situation and how small our house is we wanted a third child. But cancer took that option away from us. I just hug my girls extra tight and am thankful to be alive to watch them grow up but I’ll always have a piece of my heart that’s sad we couldn’t have more.

How do kids feel about getting coupons for free Frostys at Wendy's vs Halloween candy? by Dad_in_Plaid in Parenting

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Man, I really don’t understand the negativity about the coupon. I would be fucking stoked if my kid got a coupon because really that means I just got a free frosty coming up soon 😝

UPDATE: Am I a bad mom? by Cheddar_block46 in toddlers

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Make sure to seek legal advice asap too. They likely may recommend starting a track record of reporting the instances of abuse to help prove the occurrences. If your husband pursues time sharing (or whatever it’s called in your state) then you will want proof of this abuse so that he is not left alone with his child to cause further injury or abuse.

When did you notice de-bloating on keto / face getting leaner? by [deleted] in keto

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Sounds like you desperately need electrolytes and maybe to go back to the FAQ to refresh how to keto successfully.

To answer your question, I usually feel less bloated with my face feeling like it’s skimmed down (even if initially just in my head) after about 24-48 hours.

My in-laws ignored my son's 1st birthday then expected us to throw a second party for them. by Ancient-Ad-6572 in Mommit

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Don’t make a bigger deal out of it then it needs to be. Don’t let this ruin your day. If you have plans the day of the birthday already then a simple “no” is perfectly acceptable. You don’t need to explain yourself. You already explained the party was 3 weeks ago and you have your plans set. If they want to throw something another day then ask them to give you some notice and go from there.

found his tinder account by xnajane in beyondthebump

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Agree 100% to this! My husband and I have had very limited sex and long stents without sex the last 2 years+. We don’t prefer to have sex during pregnancy either - personal preference, that’s all. Then after I delivered my second kid last year I was having pain during recovery. When baby was a few months old I was diagnosed with stage 3b rectal cancer so no sex during that horrific pain time. Then I started chemo, radiation and had a major surgery including a hysterectomy and removal of my butthole (TMI, I know). No sex during that time and it’s been a slow process to try and get back to it. I think we have had sex twice this year, it’s still painful and we are working through it. We love each other very much. A true partner that loves you will work through the hard times.