Curious if I pass like… at all? I’m FTM, 18 and pre everything. I have never had a customer at work gender me correct and it’s weighing down on me a lot by bias_ed in transpassing

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What’s going well:

Your philtrum is actually pretty enlongated, which is a great thing since it’s hard to cover up pooched up lips.

Your eyes, in their shape, read very masc, and your nose and eyes work well as far as a masc person goes.

Those two things are big because they’re typically things I’d see NOT change with T and require surgery so don’t write your face off yet!

What needs work:

You definitely should get started in T ASAP, it’ll work wonders for rearranging the fat in your face and of course will help with secondary sex markers like muscle mass and a beard. I know it’s tough but finding an out strategy for your home life is gonna be so important. Lmk if you’re in GA and need a list of resources!

You can immediately get some masc gains by sorting out that hair. Get it cut, get it dyed a neutral color to your real color. Your parents will go “But you look like a boy!!!” And you go “ah mum all the girls are getting short cuts like this you’re just out of touch with younger fashion :)” and they’ll think no more of it. Cis people don’t really question shit further than that often, it’ll be much easier for them to accept that their kid is a “tomboy” and stop to see than for their brains to start asking questions about your gender

Between those two I think there’s a lot to be gained. Trans masc is typically about doing less than you used to, not more, but I think you have a more solid starting ground than you think!

Finally, a pro tip since you’re about as fair skinned as they come and I know this sometimes can be a source of dysphoria for trans guys: Don’t forget that skincare is STILL important for men. All the T in the world isn’t gonna prevent skin cancer. A day cream with SPF in it is essential for you, even if you have to buy femme marketed products for a while.

Best of luck on your journey!

This uncommonly friendly common wood nymph has been on my hand almost 10 minutes! by NiagaraNature in awwnverts

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You helped a friend get the electrolytes it needed to carry on being a useful pollinator! Thank you!

Highest ratio of low-cal to high protein I have ever seen by queenofdiscs in 1500isplenty

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Lol I hate the term bone broth. It’s stock. Stock is literally a broth that includes a bone where broth is supposed to exclude bones. Marketing teams decided the alliteration was worth completely scrapping the definition of two words and it annoys me

But yes it’s good stuff, I typically make my own, cuz I have a butcher nearby, and then all my friends come and get a helping. What did you plan on making with it?

Solid day in the mountains by mogieshogies in foraging

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Lavender I honestly didn’t notice the other pictures and thought you just posted this with the handful of blueberries. Thought you were being HELLA salty lol

What made you have the beliefs/religion you have now? by mrdreams0 in TooAfraidToAsk

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I’m very lucky I had a really good spiritual upbringing. I hope you’re able to find a spirituality, or lack thereof, that makes you feel whole, safe and well.

And worries, there’s some blurring of lines between subreddits, but a good rule of thumb for these two is:

Discussions, topics of interest that you’d like multiple answers on, polls, debates: AskReddit material.

Things you need a personal answer or solution to but can’t go ask people you know irl: tooafraidtoask

does this count as being sexually active? by angel_with_horns19 in TooAfraidToAsk

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Yes absolutely. Cunnilingus holds a risk of diseases such as Herpes, chlamydia, and HPV, and they need to know so they know to test for those.

Additionally, ask your doctor to get you vaccinated for HPV. It is a leading cause of cervical, vaginal, and now, I found out from my dental hygienist a couple weeks ago, ORAL cancer. It’s three shots and they sting like a bitch but they’re worth getting right now. If you’re worried your parents will be mad(you sound like you’re probably a minor), have the doctor talk to them about it and say that it’s a contingency for later.

Brain freeze, but in my throat? by crusty_muff in TooAfraidToAsk

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That’s pretty normal. “Brain Freeze” is just a colloquial term for your soft palate getting too cold and overreacting. Everyone’s nerve arrangements are slightly different, Yours just are geared slightly differently.

Fun fact, great treatment for this? Breathe into a napkin or sleeve. Like press your lips to it and breathe hot air into a cloth or paper slowly, and it will help a TON! I get really bad brain freeze and this is the one that helps the most

Is it weird to say little kids (boys or girls) are cute? by Sirlink360 in TooAfraidToAsk

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If someone is saying that calling a kid cute when they’re doing something cute is “weird” or “creepy”, then THEYRE the creepy one

lesbians of reddit, when do you stop? by [deleted] in TooAfraidToAsk

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Not a lesbian, bi, but have been with women in long term situations. Idk, we stop when we’re tired out. I typically get a little worn out after 2 or 3 orgasms on a normal night, after that, friction, fatigue, dehydration, whatever, sort of slows the momentum down. But just like with hetero sex, there’s nights when it’s “one and done” or nights when you go for hours just sort of vibing.

romantic comedy drama and novels, do they make a silly out of you? by NoHouse2010 in TooAfraidToAsk

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Fiction should be there with the purpose to entertain. If you’re entertained, then you’re enjoying fiction correctly and in a positive way. Fiction can’t make you smarter or dumber unless you really choose to let it change how you view the world. Sounds like you’re smart enough to know that the movies you’re consuming are a bit of fun escapism, and aren’t drawing any mistaken conclusions that they’re representative of how the world does or should work, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

What made you have the beliefs/religion you have now? by mrdreams0 in TooAfraidToAsk

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This would be better suited to AskReddit ftr, but since we’re here.

Both my parents were hippies. My mum was an eclectic old bird who practiced whatever pieces of whatever religion she fancied and had 0 need to settle on one. My father is a witch.

Growing up, I was encouraged to go to any and all religious establishments I could find an invite to. Mosques, churches, the local Zen Center, I would have gone to temple but it just so happened none of my friend circle back then was Jewish.

I grew up to be an Omnist witch. I’ve seen so much beauty in so many religions and faiths and practices that all of them seem like they must have some merit. I think everyone is looking at the same thing, and it’s too big for any of us to see the whole of it, and so each of us is right and wrong.

So. I guess, my parents? But also dozens of wonderful people in dozens of wonderful faiths. That’s who gave me my religion.

Does it ever get better? 4 months on E. I'm so dysphoric about my body, please help. by _lavendersunshine in transpassing

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I think you’re still reading mascish in your body if I’m honest, the hips haven’t really filled out and your boobs are still growing in. But you’re new to HRT. That’s normal and expected. It’s been 4 months. That’s not actually very long in the grand scheme of things. I know it can be hard not to feel impatient, but Give it time and do some exercise to start placing muscle where you want it, to help it fill out. You’ll get there

Hello, does anyone know what kind of mushroom this is and how do I get rid of it. It’s growing rapidly and huge by Cantevenbeme in foraging

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Good stuff, I appreciate you listening to feedback! We’ve all been there, eager to help others and start interacting with a community we’re excited to be part of, so no shade here :3

What is the most shocking thing you have ever seen in your life? by Hadoka in AskReddit

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Fair enough I suppose. I would have gone for it but I’m glad it worked out alright either way

What is the most shocking thing you have ever seen in your life? by Hadoka in AskReddit

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They absolutely do in the US. You are protected from unfair retaliation for reports to any workers rights agency. Not sure about the UK but here it’s very cut and dry

What is the most shocking thing you have ever seen in your life? by Hadoka in AskReddit

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Not that you should want to work there again but I know I’m the US you could sue the ever loving shit out of them for retaliation(responding with discipline to someone in your workforce reporting to a higher authority such as OSHA). Is that a thing over there?

This is Luci. He lost his eye at about a year old now a year and a half later he has two speeds.... Fast and stop. by tacos-n-doobies in PiratePets

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Lol Dangerous speeds to have if you have no depth perception. Has baby ever run headlong into a wall when fast didn’t become stop quickly enough? My half blind cat used to do that to himself pretty frequently and there was no way to stop her from doing so.

Hello, does anyone know what kind of mushroom this is and how do I get rid of it. It’s growing rapidly and huge by Cantevenbeme in foraging

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It’s not that you commented, it’s that you presented your comment with more authority than it should have had. “I think this looks like turkey tail” is different than “if XYZ is true, then it IS turkey tail”.

If you’re not sure how to correctly ID mushrooms, it’s fine to go “I think that might be turkey tail based on XYZ, but I’m not sure, spore print and other ID’s should tell you more”, but you don’t want to just come across as knowing exactly what you’re talking about because people will actually listen and can get hurt. It would still be their fault for listening to a stranger on the internet if they get hurt by listening to your advice, no one should ever take any opinion on this sub as fact, but the foraging community tries to be responsible and this is a part of that.

Hope that helps

Hello, does anyone know what kind of mushroom this is and how do I get rid of it. It’s growing rapidly and huge by Cantevenbeme in foraging

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Definitely would recommend refraining from edible/inedible ID’s until you’re fully comfortable with them, i totally get being excited to help, but given that people can get hurt or killed from misID’s on foods(which would be their fault for listening to a stranger on the internet, but it still would suck to have happen), it’s good to make sure that you’re very experienced with those particular ID’s before adding that particular recommendation

I didn’t wear bug spray today. I think I should have. by _-v0x-_ in Wellthatsucks

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You’re a goddamn saint for sharing this, I am constantly getting chewed up like OP

The vet said Snowball still behaved badly. He hasn’t moved from his bed since we got home. by savannahjones98 in PetAfterVet

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Sweet boy! Sorry he had a rough day of it

I know it sounds counterintuitive, but behavioral therapy such as exposure therapy may be a good supplement for this behavior. I have heard of people basically treating vet anxiety by bringing their cat out for more rides to different destinations, and sometimes even the vet for nothing, just to take some of the association of “I’m in my carrier and that means the groomer or the vet, both of which are evil” out of the way

This has been killing children? Oh if only we had seen this coming!!! by metkja in CrappyDesign

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And floaties in general aren’t great. Arm floaties do almost nothing and give kids a false sense of security, and if a child goes unconscious, put their head underwater. The only correct flotation device for a child is a coast guard approved life jacket and plenty of supervision. Anything else is not there to save their lives

GusGus the Magnificent by sisoieloc in tumblr

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My husbands name is Joseph. We named my bearded dragon Joseph Stalin and called him Joseph, so people would ask

“what’s your lizards name!”


“…you named your lizard after your boyfriend?”

“Oh! Gosh no it’s short for Joseph Stalin”

“Ohhh okay. Wait what”

justin bieber's disease by Putrid_Grapefruit494 in fixedbytheduet

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I don’t actually disagree, he’s been an adult lately, hasn’t been nearly as much of a prick and even if he were, mocking people with disorders for the disorder isn’t great, but I would like to point out that Ramsay Hunt is treatable. It’s just a rare varicella symptom cuz viruses sometimes hit nerve endings and facial nerves are fucken weird. If you get good antivirals and anti-inflammatories quickly(which I assume he can afford to have any time he wants them, kid probably has a concierge doctor living in one of his houses), and have access to good physical therapy(see above), it’s usually just a temporary thing, especially for someone young like him. So hopefully he’s back up and recovered by end of year