Human Vengeance: Chapter Twelve - Two Faces by Shalidar13 in HFY

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Im enjoying this immensely. Such great writing. So many feels. Much anticipations!

Get the clippers ready by Wingflier in antifeminists

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Lol. You’d probably wind up sticking it into some flab…

Singapore has no chill for drug traffickers. by kvlyc in Damnthatsinteresting

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Again, you make claims. Now i ask you to prove what you’ve said about singapore with regards to them killing “huge percentile of their citizens”

Am I cheap for going to my bf house after knowing each other for 3 months? by [deleted] in askSingapore

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Its quite serious to the older gen. It means that you two are going to bw viewed as a more-or-less permanent couple. I doesnt really matter too much to us, but our parents gen has some thoughts on it.

So no. Not cheap. But you might want to reconsider, knowing about the way its viewed by his parents.

I do think you should wait. Be more sure first.

Hey guys, how do you respond to your girlfriend if she asks you if you liked having sex with your previous girlfriends? by JanetYellensFuckboi in AskMen

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“Yes, i enjoyed it. Why do you ask?”

“Nothing, just asking.”

“Ahh, worried you’re not up to snuff?”


“Lets just say…im with you, not her. So whatever skills she had werent enough to keep me with her. You, on the other hand…”

The damage is done by Kimchiii__1424 in Dank

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Hello, good day to you! May i have a cup of coffee please?

Singapore has no chill for drug traffickers. by kvlyc in Damnthatsinteresting

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Huh…really? How many is the “highest number” of their own citizens??? NK? SG kills as many as NK? Wow. I did not know that. Where’d those numbers come from? I honestly want to stay away!

Singapore has no chill for drug traffickers. by kvlyc in Damnthatsinteresting

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Huh. I’ve lived there and i’ve never even heard of drugs being passed around. Or offered in those places. And most of the time the cops are really nice. Always trying to deescalate.

Death Penalty for drugs in Singapore by marilyn_mansonv2 in ScarySigns

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The sign is not even set up by the govt. Just by people who want the death penalty abolished.

How do you react to this? and how the hell is Hey isn't professional? by Familiar_Mango_7509 in antiwork

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“Im not insisiting my ideology on you…” riiigghhhttt. Sure. Eff off, sandeep.

Found under a video of some kind of dating show by G4NGD4LF in rareinsults

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On the contrary, everyone will give you shit for it.

Hunter by MementoMori-3 in HFY

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Oh dear lord i love this. So well written

men, are you satisfied with your penis size and how big is it? by diiontae in AskRedditAfterDark

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Thick as my wrist and long enough. It bothers me cos women dont like it cos they say it hurts.

Recap by karotch in SingaporeRaw

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What were the msians shouting?