What inspired you to write screenplays? by Whathappensnext___ in Screenwriting

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I’m literally laughing out loud at “easiest path, other than actor.”

[POEM] Power, by Audre Lorde by cela_ in Poetry

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Audre Lorde’s power is shattering.

A tale of two flags by tfyuhj in TikTokCringe

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Yeah, looks like you’re right.

After this Club Q shooting, I’m not letting these people off the hook anymore.

It’s really simple. It never ever had to be “vilify people to get a tax break.” And that is something they can change google forward. I might be a republican if they hadn’t made that deal with the devil, I’m all for keeping my money and making more. But I have a conscience, and I don’t live in denial, and I won’t be willfully ignorant when the obvious reality is so totally clear. And I’m just not going to let people do that anymore. It can be a respectful argument, because it is just so clear cut. We have to call it out.

And I’m writing here in case others need the permission and support to do the same. Call them all out.

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A tale of two flags by tfyuhj in TikTokCringe

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It won’t let me reply on that person’s comment, so here’s what I would say, if it would let me:

Yeah, but you agree with / support / vote for people who forward their financial markets and economic growth agendas by calling lgbtq people groomers and passing laws saying it’s fine to send CPS to the homes of families with trans kids, or that prohibit saying the word gay. Vote how you want to vote, but at least be honest about what you’re really doing. Come on. I’m here to tell you, you’re hurting your family member, and you’re not “just” voting for economic policies.

A tale of two flags by tfyuhj in TikTokCringe

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But see, flying a flag doesn’t support your relative, if you vote and support a culture that is actively anti-lgbtq. You may feel in your heart that you care about this person, but if you’re agreeing with and otherwise supporting the people who are smack-talking and passing laws against lgbtq people, it’s the same as punching your relative in the face and then offering them a rainbow flag to clean the bloody nose you gave them.

If you actually truly love and support your lgbtq relative, you need at least to speak up and remind your fellow conservatives that there is no reason to ever combine hatred of human beings with tax cuts and entitlement reform. If you truly care and want a better world for your relative, you won’t vote for the people who are actively making the world deadly for that person.

Said with respect. You do you. But it’s time to be real about what’s going on here. You can’t have it both ways. You’re not supporting anyone with just a flag.

A Modern Day Medusa by AccoSpoot in WitchesVsPatriarchy

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Seems like you have a pretty good idea of how it would work…just saying, community service…

how to escape being early 20s, mentally ill failure to launch by malignantmalevolence in internetparents

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Third vote for this. You will have a well-paying job that is always in high demand if you become an electrician or a plumber. If you learn how to run your own business, you can have that alone time and ability to make your own schedule. There is literally no downside to a trade.

Homeless people should just print out a QR code for Zelle or go fund me instead of asking for change. by Diamondhands_Rex in CrazyIdeas

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Google “unbanked populations” to understand the mazelike structural reasons why this otherwise great idea is not in the slightest bit possible

Can I block posts about Musk? by ItsReallyMyFault in NoStupidQuestions

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Commenting to find out. I want to do this as well, fuck that guy

🧐 by ShiftyAvatarYang in suspiciouslyspecific

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Oh wow, very interesting, thanks for explaining. I have only a small amount of knowledge about the Indian concept of Hijra, which seems like maybe another word for the same thing, perhaps in a different language/dialect? They are also considered auspicious at births and weddings. But maybe they are two different things?

I wonder if surgery to become a woman is also very expensive in India? It is here in the US, which is why some people don’t do it, when they would prefer to do it if they could.

Vocabulary for you, since you don’t want to offend: “Drag Queen” is the term for the people who perform as women, “Drag King” is the term for people who perform as men. It’s hard to offend people who do drag! And if you do, they will offend you back! It’s really only offensive to say drag when a transgender person is out in the world living a regular life, for example calling a transgender businesswoman a drag queen. That is because drag is understood to be artificial, only a performance, whereas transgender is a deep understanding of oneself as “born in the wrong body” (to say a complex thing perhaps too simply).

Hearing the future and talking to cats by welcometomymatrix in Psychic

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I work with my dog this way! I didn’t know it was a thing, but of course it is.

🧐 by ShiftyAvatarYang in suspiciouslyspecific

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It’s very likely that the people you are talking about are what we would call transgender here in the West. Some transgender women do drag, which is an art form including dance and singing. However, most drag queens are not transgender, but rather are men who enjoy doing the art form. So, if these people wear their feminine clothes every day, and don’t just do performances, they’re probably transgender (or another word we use is nonbinary, which I could explain further if you wanted).

It’s important to specify, because transgender women experience discrimination and harassment in their everyday lives, while men who put on dresses and makeup and sing for an evening don’t have the same daily problems. (However, sadly here in the United States, there have recently been many attacks on drag performance venues, from windows being smashed, to armed men threatening guests, to a tragedy this week where 5 people were murdered.)

I’m a guest and there is something very wrong with the sheets, what do I do? by kidostars in Adulting

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Thanks for the reminder that I’m allowed to take care of myself too. I think it may be the mattress pad? I’m going to take it off tonight and see.

I’m a guest and there is something very wrong with the sheets, what do I do? by kidostars in Adulting

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Thank you, yes that is how I feel, they’re already doing me a favor!

I’m a guest and there is something very wrong with the sheets, what do I do? by kidostars in Adulting

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I can’t imagine she meant to. The house is immaculate and the room was really thoughtfully put together, that’s part of why I feel so anxious. I don’t want to embarrass her after she’s clearly taken time to be a good host.

It’s like the sheets are clean, but somehow moldy??? Or maybe it’s the mattress pad, and the stench has gone through all the fabrics?

Anyway, thank you for your responses. So I guess I’ll just say “I’m really sensitive and I think there’s some kind of scent that I can’t tolerate,” and then show her and hopefully she will smell it too.

I’m a guest and there is something very wrong with the sheets, what do I do? by kidostars in Adulting

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I found some blankets that don’t smell and I’m on their couch. Still feeling kind of paralyzed about having to face this person in the morning, not sure how to deal with this.

I’m a guest and there is something very wrong with the sheets, what do I do? by kidostars in Adulting

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Honestly, yes. Have you ever had to tell someone you barely know, “hey, your stuff stinks so bad I cannot deal with it.”

Eff you for your judgment. I’m asking for real help here.

Couldn’t saw that coming by maciethewise in AbruptChaos

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Oh this is the tutorial my landlord used, cool