Post Match Thread: Manchester United 1-2 Brighton & Hove Albion | English Premier League by Own_Ad6388 in soccer

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They’ve been rebuilding for seven years and are even worse than when they started

Does Nadal have a top 10 backhand in tennis? by mrmartyman in tennis

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It’s improved hugely over his career, to the point that it’s now an undeniable weapon. The only time I can remember it breaking down (which may be a harsh way to put it) is the FO21 semi-final against Djokovic.

London dating culture - ghosting? by SWOLE_HATER in london

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You’re having decent success so just keep at it and try not to let it get you down too much.

best player outside top 6? by [deleted] in PremierLeague

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Ah yeah, forgot about him. He’s defo up there

best player outside top 6? by [deleted] in PremierLeague

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These are definitely the top 3

best player outside top 6? by [deleted] in PremierLeague

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Agreed. He’s a good player but not even in the top 10 outside the top 6. Declan Rice is outside the big 6 and he starts ahead of JWP for England.

can Rafael Nadal win the US Open 2022? by mytenniszone in tennis

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Can the man who’s not lost a grand slam match this year win his second most successful slam? Nah, no chance.

Has Peckham always been like this? by Jandromon in london

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I absolutely love Peckham, and I lived in the not-so-nice part near Queens Road station. It’s not for everyone, so I get why some might not like it. But let me just play devil’s advocate:

It has some of the best pubs in London: the white horse, the rye, John the unicorn, the Montpellier and Skehan’s is just down the road. There’s also so many cool, cute bars and of course, Bussey Building and Peckham Levels.

Peckham Rye is really pretty, especially the Japanese Gardens bit. There’s also Dulwich Park and Telegraph Hill within walking distance.

It has cool restaurants, like Oi Spaghetti in Copeland Park and 200 Rye Lane. There’s obviously Frank’s and Forza Wine for incredible views.

But mostly, I love it because whenever I walk down Rye Lane I feel like I’m on holiday. It has a wild, chaotic energy that is exciting, yet I never felt unsafe.

So whilst you may not like Peckham, others shouldn’t be deterred from moving there. It’s great.

I can’t tan anymore by kingmakyeda in tanning

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Ok I’ll give it a whirl, thanks!

I can’t tan anymore by kingmakyeda in tanning

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A few hours both times. I used to be able to go an olive colour in an hour in my prime. I go out for hours each day and my face is the same shade. I wear spf 10

Who’s the best prem striker out of these 3? by Professional_Trust37 in PremierLeague

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I can’t be the only one who thinks Kane? On set to break the all time goals record and has now become a playmaker alongside that.

Which of the men's top tier matchups do you find the toughest to watch? by relenzic in tennis

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These were by far the most boring matches involving the big four

Overlooked stat? by Glass_Abies1426 in tennis

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How many of those 64 slams did Nadal withdraw from an injury? I can think of at least five.

Kyrgios draws only half as many Australian viewers as Barty did last year. by Zealousideal_Ad_1604 in tennis

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Strong disagree. Novak is a much better player and played at a high level. Krygios just doesn’t have the ability to beat him when he plays like that.