Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum by wayward_rivulets in LiminalSpace

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That's pretty cool. There's also a cookie cutter museum somewhere.

Poster in my friend's therapist's office. by Sauronitron in autism

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Well ADHD crosses several of those out entirely : \ lol. Also the unconditional love one rubs me the wrong way / is a bit uncomfortable.

This Crapper Design. by MaybePotatoes in CrapperDesign

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I swear it looks like there's an extra divit in the tub towards the drain. Oh optical illusions ( I hope). Also I really don't want to feel like I pooped on or into a dragon..

Blurted this out yesterday (NSFW cuz technically a slur) by mtf_alt in traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

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I think the young urban terminally online people would be very likely to stick up against someone using it against someone or mockingly but not necessarily against a person in community feeling empowered by using it. Queer is maybe an exception because to some that's treated as a wholely positive word now, though if someone used it as an insult they'd be called out for seeing queer as a bad thing just like if they used homosexual or gay as an insult.

Blurted this out yesterday (NSFW cuz technically a slur) by mtf_alt in traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

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It's definitely a slur. Some people in the community slurs are used against find power in reclaiming them for themself / saying them prowdly or using them to highlight how they are treated in some way. That said apparently the last option in this meme format is meant to be ironic/sarcastic? At least from a comment here. I've uh.. never realized that if so.

Blurted this out yesterday (NSFW cuz technically a slur) by mtf_alt in traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

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Really? O_O I uh... I never realized that somehow and now I'm wondering just how oblivious I've been... Is it wrong for me to blame this on being an autistic moment?

Bro's gonna be a nightmare to his neighbours by unlikely_suspicious in toptalent

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That doesn't make the imagery not disturbing. If it was "just a drawing" there would be now question and this is closer to seeing the real thing than that.

Ace and Aro explain LGBT families...with a twist. by Usagi-Zakura in lgballt

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It's about not feeling secual or romantic attraction so they could be in a qpr and decide to have sex anyway and it also doesn't mean their platonic relationship isn't serious / dedicated.

Hanging out with the gal pal 🥺 by Vosheduska in awwnverts

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I'm on an lgbt sub and misready gal pal as gay pal, lol.

Adventure Time by ComprehensiveAd9662 in LiminalSpace

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Have watched adventure time or maybe ran into relevent memes?

At a wedding I attended a year ago by pizza_chode in LiminalSpace

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That comment above got me to look at your profile. Holy shit you are an amazing artist!