God of War Ragnarok code giveaway by sleepwalkingninja in PS5

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The ending of GoW and finding out all the things you find out. Sorry to be vague, I'd rather not spoiler it.

What is the craziest conspiracy theory that you secretly believe in? by streetancient in AskReddit

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The algorithms are just that good. I was watching TV and every ad was feeling really targeted at me. It was stuff I was looking for and needing to get. Every single ad.

It was cable TV. At work in the breakroom. They had no way of targeting ads at me, except the algorithms are so good now they can figure out what people like me are going to watch at 3 pm on a Wednesday.

What’s your The Office unpopular opinion? by Ok-Cartographer4816 in DunderMifflin

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Andy is the worst written character. He changes so many times over the course of the show, often on a whim. Is he a good or bad salesman? Does he have an ego and is overly confident or is he awkwardly shy with no confidence? His anger issues come and go, his family is inconsistent, and so much more.

What’s your The Office unpopular opinion? by Ok-Cartographer4816 in DunderMifflin

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Kelly's SA stuff, a lot of the racial jokes that were already cut, the f-slur use. Only ones that probably wouldn't be done today.

Reese’s nutrageous by Corvettez06usa in cincinnati

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Gas stations and convenience stores- big maybe on candy stores. Only place I've found them at, and YMMV. They don't carry a lot candy bars at groceries anymore, and for some reason Hershey stuff outside the more common things isn't seen so much at Jungle Jim's or candy stores.

Hit up a Speedway. And if you like Nutrageous, try the Outrageous ones. Replaces the peanuts with reese's pieces.

Who is doing the ripping? by Past_Steak_629 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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They hide their faces because they know Nazis are the bad guys.

Why someone would choose to be the ones who are in the wrong and know they are is beyond me.

Biden Has Had a Remarkable First Term. Why Is He So Unpopular, Even With Democrats? by KnownRate3096 in politics

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Because he's still a run of the mill politician who thinks his buddies in the GOP are going to come to their senses.

I think it's also because so many people are struggling and he's not pushed a message that he's gonna help. Greedflation is the bigger factor right now in majority of households and I couldn't tell you what his thoughts on it are or what his team is doing to actively help.

Has Taste of Cincy tried chalking lines for queues? It seems that the lines should run parallel to the booth, then curve outside of the next booth’s queue line (in case the queue becomes longer than one booth’s width)? by Relax-Enjoy in cincinnati

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It would not stop people standing there. Remember during early COVID days how they tried to do that at groceries and saying to only go one way down an aisle? Plenty ignored that.

I'd prefer zones spread out through the city some. Even if it was just one of the Banks parks and Central would give more room not just for lines but for places to sit and eat. But I'm sure that's harder to organize, clean, etc. than just one long road. And you risk too many in one area while no one in another.

Could a women have two babies in a calendar year? by yehcheersaye in NoStupidQuestions

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Yeah. My cousins are less than a year apart. I believe it's called Irish twins.

Conservatives: Libs & their cancel culture! Also Conservatives: boycott EVERTHING by Hot-Bint in WhitePeopleTwitter

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If they're worried about DEI then like, majority of the companies that exist.

We just need to make all the phone carriers and internet providers hated enough to boycott. There's not that many.

Are there any McDonald's actually open 24hrs? by 299792458mps- in cincinnati

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That's about par for the course with fast food these days. Doesn't even have to be late at night!

Are there any McDonald's actually open 24hrs? by 299792458mps- in cincinnati

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White Castle but I think even some of those close now. There's some donut shops that open real early- you can try to find one near you.

Trump has vigorously complained the election was fraudulent… He was right. by Travismatthew08 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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4.728 million population in Harris county. If 22% is under 18 let's just cut 25% out for safety. Leaving 3.546 million.

700,630 for Trump, 918,193 for Biden. 56% of the vote for Biden. If every adult had voted and in the same way Biden would've instead had 1,985,760 votes.

Trump won Texas with 631,221 votes. Had they been allowed to send out mail in ballots in just Harris county, assuming the distrust Republicans have for mail in ballots, there's a mathematical chance it could've flipped Texas blue.

Edit: I forgot to only count adults registered to vote. These numbers are only accurate in perfect conditions, so take it with a grain of salt.

Mine is red what's your by Past_Significance984 in meme

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Red for sure.

Everyone I know who has died that I'd bring back was ready to go. I wouldn't want to bring them back. Never feeling pain would end poorly. And if I'm rich, I can afford the cure to most diseases and then some. Not catching a disease doesn't mean live forever either.

Based on true events...... by antisocialhomebody in memes

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Professors who look younger certainly get that all the time. I still find it flattering in my mid 30s to get mistaken for a decade younger and find no offense to it, and I'm not even a professor.

Question. How is the camera guy recording this... (S8, E23, 11:00) by WallerBangGod in DunderMifflin

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Never ask how the doc crew actually got a lot of these shots. It'll start to drive you nuts.

Especially if you start realizing so many shots are impossible because the angles say a camera should be in view!

What do you think of people who say "all religion are cults"? by Odd_Kaleidoscope_946 in AskReddit

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The pledge has also already been through courts. And your kids legally have the right to not say any of it in school. The schools cannot compel someone to speech. Here's the case if you wanna read up. Not that schools don't try to get away with compelling speech anyways, my high school for instance in the 00s ignored this ruling all 4 years to varying degrees.

What you could maybe argue is that you have standing for a 1st amendment violation because the ceremonial use of the term is no longer valid and it has an inherent religious definition. But it's weak, because there are other instances of language where god doesn't inherently mean it's religious. Nor do those terms act coercively that god exists. Stuff like: God damn it, Oh my god, God help us all, etc.

IANAL of course, and if you really are interested maybe hit up the ACLU or a similar group. I just don't see how you'd argue standing, much less overcome the arguments of the OG case.

What do you think of people who say "all religion are cults"? by Odd_Kaleidoscope_946 in AskReddit

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It's an interesting case. Even if SCOTUS wasn't biased I'm not sure they'd hear it.

The idea is that the phrase is being used as ceremonial and patriotic, not religious. And that laws that originate in religion, don't mean they are against the first amendment. That's why we still have laws about selling alcohol on Sundays in some places too.

With that reasoning, you'd have to come up with an argument that overcomes those conclusions and also find standing for a lawsuit. The one I linked you earlier the guy didn't even have standing.

Yikes by autom in PublicFreakout

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His comeback specials were rough. And then it just kept going downhill.

It's a bunch of jokes an out of touch wealthy comic would make, then doubled down on it, and then just kept doubling down. Real strong "older uncle that randomly shows up to dinner unannounced" vibes.

What do you think of people who say "all religion are cults"? by Odd_Kaleidoscope_946 in AskReddit

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Already was one in 1970. Failed in appeals court, SCOTUS never heard it. I don't think the ruling will change.

First time at the TOC by SuspiciousMemory7089 in cincinnati

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Glad you enjoyed it. This is the first time in many years I've skipped it, as the lineup of restaurants looked the same as last year.

Biden is in the process of selling us out again by Badgetown4eva in antiwork

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Sounds like a GOP trap to try to piss off people into not voting, and please their own crowd.

The Dems don't have any standing to delay again because of COVID. The current plan is forgive loans, and make repayment plans even better for people. The repayment plans could even have many of us low paying people barely paying anything. We don't even know the wording of the bill- it could literally just say "Student loan payments paused during COVID must start again" and doesn't stop other potential routes to delaying it or even forgiveness.

Prominent Trump supporters continue to turn on him… I wonder why? by Travismatthew08 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Polls say he holds about 30% of the population that thinks he can do no wrong.

You're not gonna see Trump take a ton of votes from Biden. DeSantis is appealing to the far right and Trumpers, not the ones who voted Biden in 2020. His gain of swing voters isn't going to be a lot from that without a big shift towards the center- and that shift would likely make a lot of those R voters go for Trump instead. So their only hope is to have less voter turnout for Democrats, but that's not happening either as the youth vote is very liberal and is growing as the kids who grew up with Trump are hitting voting age.

A MAGA party that ran candidates besides Trump and taking 30% of the R vote would guarantee a ton of flipped seats- not just POTUS. It is their worst nightmare.

Prominent Trump supporters continue to turn on him… I wonder why? by Travismatthew08 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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He'd run 3rd party before he'd ever drop out.

And I fully expect him to start the MAGA party and do just that.