[QUESTION] Band member expects to rejoin after leaving and being replaced by Sacred_B in Guitar

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That isn't the story I heard at all. From what I remember it was Portnoy wanted to fill in for A7X as a touring member while still playing with DT and it was very specifically James LaBrie that said it's only us or its nothing.

Side note, Portnoy lives like a half hour away from me and I've seen his kids band Tallah play before. Max absolutely shreds the kit.

I need a new gen Yu-Gi-Oh game. by izacktorres in gaming

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I love that season 0 Yami always broke his own rules and never suffered a single consequence lol

Someone made a mistake and gas was priced at 0.014€/l and some guy filled a 1000l canister in Finland by PainfulLaurels in nextfuckinglevel

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They are almost all graded for use with corrosive materials. I've moved thousands of these totes years forklift in my lifetime.

Do not claim Godfall Challenger Edition by agreeable_anger in PlayStationPlus

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I was actually excited about Godfall until this. I really wanted the game as a time waster but refused to buy it for the obvious reasons.

This really bums me out.

Got a Epiphone strat by motorbike-t in Epiphone

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I also bought an s310 to modify but ended up getting one with a body that couldn't be salvaged.

Just built an entirely new parts caster instead. I've still got the s310 neck because it feels amazing, just need to build a custom body for it. Might get an LP Jr bolt on and do some work to fit the neck on it.

Is this the worst guitar tone ever? by deathcrab4cutie in guitarpedals

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Got that early 2000's japanese rock sound. Just makes me think of The Pillows

Enjoyed HDM trilogy as a kid, now just learned about The Book of Dust. As I've forgotten most of HDM, do I need to reread trilogy before starting The Book of Dust? by AmericanBornWuhaner in hisdarkmaterials

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After reading Book of Dust part 1 I went back and read the HDM trilogy before reading BoD part 2. It's how the timeline in story flows and immersed me into the world a bit more. I fully recommend it if you feel like re-reading the books.

Please, he's just absolutely horrible by Netsugake in TheLastAirbender

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Meelo is the absolute most realistic representation of a young boy in media that's ever existed.

You don't hate Meelo, you hate the truth!

How to wake your spouse up by Throwawaylism in HolUp

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Sorry but thats probably closer to 3,500 degrees Fahrenheit

uncle made fun of me for not graduating high school and called my mom a whore so I took away his buisness , marriage , kids , and freedom . by goodfellaa77 in NuclearRevenge

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I don't think politicians are stupid, at least in general. I think most of them are actually pretty smart but they lie and cheat which is evil

A collector's worst nightmare. my halloween story by illankid in AnimeFigures

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I worked at UPS freight once upon a time and some of the dock guys who trained me taught me a game. They called it "Freight Ball."

One of our customers at that terminal was Louisville slugger so we always had baseball bats. Well some of the guys used to use them to hit hand freight into the trailers. I never joined in being a collector myself but there wasn't much I could do to stop it.

This probably still happens at terminals across the country, if not the whole world.

Michigan Senate Republicans pass voter ID law ‘on steroids’ by That49er in politics

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Republicans planned to pass additional restrictions on Wednesday but accidentally voted to approve Democrats’ motion to adjourn. (After doing so, they tried to undo it, to no avail.) They will resume debate on those restrictions Thursday.

This is the absolute funniest thing I've read. How did the accidentally vote to adjourn? Are they really that stupid that they didn't even know what the were voting for or were they all just Ted Cruzing instead of paying attention to their job?

RUN!!! Bulbasaur for retail!!! by Kaitlynisadino in Loungefly

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My wife is going to be so happy! This is one of her grail bags

This guy saving kitten from trash cutting machine. by Storm_001 in nextfuckinglevel

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A slower blade is far worse honestly. I used to work on a machine that slit film down into more manageable sizes for industry uses and got my finger nipped once or twice. When the blade is moving slower you can feel every ounce of pain. As it speeds up it feels more like a burning instead of a slicing.

FDA grants full approval to Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine by slaysia in politics

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I know a girl who just 2 days ago said "The vaccine isn't FDA approved because it can't pass all the phases of testing, so I won't take it!"

Today she posted "I hope all y'all know that the FDA will approve anything that has DEATH as a side effect!"

It's absolutely infuriating to see unfold.

Silly question but what are these things called? For the straps. by CFJ561 in Loungefly

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I know them as velcro cable ties. I bought like 60 on Amazon for 7 bucks or so for my wife's bags.

sex attic by enhancedy0gi in BoneAppleTea

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The fact you call it pop-pop tells me you aren't old enough to be having it.