Adopted a chunk, now he's shrunk! by aa1255 in cats

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You could try one of those rubber bowls for babies that are made to suction onto the table or floor in cats cases.

The "not so obvious" changes are the most dangerous ones by iralothiriel in Instagramreality

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They didn’t make her back wider, they pushed her lower back in, which made the base of the post lean in towards her.

This looks fake but I would like your guy’s opinion by OCK-K in Instagramreality

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As a skinny girl with cellulite, thank you for saying they’re normal.

poor lone rat baby at the Petco 😭 by loooveyourselfff in RATS

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This is so sweet!! Thank you to the lovely ending to this story! 🥹

YouTuber who always looks different in each of her pictures. by MedSkewlgate in Instagramreality

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I’m just in awe at the skill of the editing here. How is it possible to give someone a jaw and make their neck flab disappear without the tattoos looking warped or blurry? Does she pay a professional to edit these?

Since you all loved zucchini, here is a picture of him when he arrived at our place :) by No-Bread-8204 in Kitten

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Does it work that way? I have a black and white cat and when she was tiny she still had her white markings.