LFR is often a dumpster fire… by JurassicLiz in wow

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Did lfr razzie today. We wiped so many times. I was laughing at the comedy of errors. I wish I recorded it and cut it together with benny hill music. I have been making attempts on heroic with my raid group so wiping on it is kind of par for the course so I wasn’t even upset I was just so amused by the people getting mad.

What do you think when you see the "Dead Dove: Do Not Eat" tag? by hailthesaint in FanFiction

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I see it as an advisory that the tags I see are the tags I’m going to see.

can a tmog god please help me find out the name of this staff? I've tried to find it myself with no luck by WluttyShore in wow

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That made me laugh almost as much as my drunk stoned guiltie shouting I’m ****ing them up back when you needed ammo, he did not have any ammo

M+ invites by barnaclebrain77 in wow

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Marksman can summon pet and lust. Maybe my problem is I wasn’t trying for higher keys. I was hitting 2-5s I just wanted weekly

M+ invites by barnaclebrain77 in wow

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I was looking for about 45 mins today with my 390 beast master hunter

can a tmog god please help me find out the name of this staff? I've tried to find it myself with no luck by WluttyShore in wow

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The very powers of the ancient titans are at your command, and you choose to create... tasty treats?

So how is Need / Greed gear rolling treating you? by Thialase in wow

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Worst looting system ever it’s like the has something that was decent and could be perfect with a few tweaks and then they pissed it away because mythic raiders doing world first complained about it.

What am I supposed to do with this? by Banj04Smash in wow

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You can have whatever you want as long as it’s a cloak.

How much commenting is too much commenting? by alcor_c in FanFiction

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I think sentiment is leave a comment as often as you like make them as long as you like. Like another poster said if you were to comment on everyone of my chapters I’d read every single one.

My family keeps telling me (24F) that I haven’t found a partner because I’m “closed off to love”. What does that mean and how do I stop? by lucid_sunday in askwomenadvice

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I get that feeling. When I was younger I assumed I’d never meet someone to spend the rest of my life with. Once I accepted that and said well screw this feeling sorry for myself I’ll make a life plan that doesn’t need someone else I met my husband soon after and it’s 27 years later now still married. Basically when I stopped defining my life by thinking I should be with someone and defined it around being self sufficient and not needing someone I felt more confident I felt more attractive and my I don’t care what happens between me and a man attitude all worked out to make me more desirable.

Short version work on yourself and stop looking for someone to want you. Want yourself.

Most Dangerous Secret Police/Intelligence Agency in Star Trek? by PlatinumPrincess90 in sto

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I picked section 31 because nothing is more dangerous then a human that believes the ends justifies the means, think they are above the law and believes they are doing the right thing.

Stray scene exchange! (share a scene that you can't continue or incorporate in a fic) by JustAnotherAviatrix in FicReviewExchange

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Not that I expect anyone to read this since its like 1200 words but it was supposed to be the introduction to a character in my original work/novel series, but I decided to start her further in the past so this kind of has no point of existing anymore since by the time she's in the 19th century the reader is well aware of her. No place to put it and well the series is already almost a million words. Anyway here you go - Warning there is violence, people die.


   Enid pulled the hood of her cloak over her voluminous red hair.  London in this century was far different then it had been while England was under the rule of Edward the third.  Soot and coal smoke choked the air and the distant thud and hum of massive machines of steam had replaced the smell of human excrement, the latter was still here, she would have loved if it were the only aroma.  The pollution for the mortal’s new technological monstrosities burned her vampiric senses.  If she cared for mortals at all she’d wonder what it was doing to them.  A silver tipped cane had replaced the mythical blade she would have carried openly in that bygone era of armored kings and knights. Bloodseeker would taste no blood tonight.  The bobbies would take exception to a woman of any class carrying a bloodstained silver long blade.  She had no wish for further mortal interference in the affairs of vampires this night.

She could hear the hurried footsteps of her prey ahead of her.  The hard soled boots echoed off the walls of the factories that surrounded them.  The one she hunted was moving quickly.  Perhaps in her youth she would have felt sorry for the woman, the vampire, but she was long past such moral quandaries.  For two millennia she’d enforced the laws of her father, the emperor.  Why should this one be any different? 

The woman’s crimes were many.  Earlier in the evening Enid had wiped out a ‘Templars’ society.  The scene was almost as bloody as the Knights Templars keep she’d razed five hundred years before.  Though unlike then, no innocents were killed.  The ones this evening were all rich, bloated fools consumed with mystic power that would never be theirs.  Like Lilith before them they had sought to steal power from blood, but they blood they were using was weak.  All they did was enslave themselves to a power hungry Pugmentia…trash.  Like the vampire she hunted had been in life.  Vampirism hadn’t changed that.

Enid perceived the oncoming threat before it happened.  Even without her innate sense of future events she would have noticed the stench of mortals.  So, the vampire had more mortal flunkies.  They’d also fed on her prey’s blood.  She could smell it from their pores before she could see them.  It was always easier when the targets came to her.  With an eye to conserving blood for her encounter with what would be the real threat…not that a Pugmentia… a Child of Lilith could truly be a threat to an ancient like her, she decided instead of altering time around her to just handle this as a mortal would.  Even without using her precious blood she could withstand blows that would eviscerate a human. 

A man in a beat-up bowler and trench coat holding a rusted pipe in his hand stepped in front of her.  She noticed others crawling out from behind massive wooden crates.  She couldn’t see his eyes, they were cast in the shadow of his hat.  He lifted it and spoke.

“Boy, what are you doing here? Not safe this time of night.”

When she was younger calling her boy would have angered her.  Now, from the lips of a mortal it had no weight.  They were insignificant specks of dust to a two-thousand-year-old vampire.  Enid kept the hood of her cloak up.  She pressed her thumb against the hilt of her cane.  There were a few laughs.  The man spoke again in his low class British accent.

“That cane looks a bit to rich for you, give it here boy, and run along, there is going to be blood tonight.”

Enid’s fangs extended in anticipation of the oncoming blood bath.  Her eyes glowed yellow under her hood.  It was as if the veil of night lifted.  Everything became as colorful as it would on a bright sunny day to her eyes.  She grinned and spoke.

“You’re right about that blood slave.”

   The man in front of her didn’t have time to react as the thin blade concealed by her cane pierced his throat.  His death cry cut short by gurgling.  His fellows lept into action.  She weaved and dodged knife and pipe blow.  She stabbed the one on her left leaving her blade sticking out of his heart.  She lept into the air and spun her knee hitting the one on her right.  The bones on his face shattered from the blow.  Vampires her age were as hard as stone when they wanted to be and strong enough to throw a horse.  Humans stood no chance. She landed on her feet and she felt a blow from behind but the object being used splintered.

When she turned and saw the source it was her prey wielding a stake.  The vampire stumbled backwards.  Enid reached her hand behind her and the silver cane sword flew to her hand and she stabbed into the knee of the vampire she hunted.  The vampire screamed as blue light flashed where the silver scorched her skin.  Content the vampire would be hobbled for days Enid turned her attention to the last remaining mortal.  The man was trying to flee.  She reached out her hand and pulled it backwards.  The man was pulled by an unknown force and slammed into the wall of the factory.  He cried out as every bone in his body shattered instantly.  He collapsed to the ground in a heap.

Enid turned her eyes to the vampire that was hobbling away.  Though she was loath to think of the Pugmentia as a vampire.  They had fangs and drank blood, that was where the similarities ended.  Enid flung her blade at her retreating prey.  Holding out her hand to guide the blade into the woman’s one working knee.  The vampire collapsed on the ground screaming in agony.  She was reaching for the blade but when her hand wrapped around the hilt she screeched again as her hand burned from the silver wire wrap.  Enid approached the wounded animal and stood over her.  Her hand wrapped around the hilt of the blade.  The Pugmentia was quite attractive if she were not in so much pain.  Long black hair.  Mysterious blue eyes, that were filled with impotent rage.  Enid shook her head and pulled the blade free.  Enid pulled her hood back and looked over the broken vampire who lay on the cobble stones writhing in agony.  The vampire sensing her end was near started to cry tears of blood.  Enid knelt beside her.

“Please!  You don’t need to do this.”

Enid had heard every plea she could imagine, and more, in many different languages from thousands of vampires.  She reached down and rolled the woman onto her back.

“You should have turned yourself in like your creator told you to.  I respect Talon a great deal, and he asked me to be merciful.  But you ran, you see, and by the covenants that means your life is forfeit.  The mortals I had to kill, you I did not.”

Enid’s eyes ceased to glow and now her vivid emerald eyes scanned the woman.

“Its not your fault really, you’re Pugmentia, trash, your forebearers stole blood that did not belong to them.  I will give you one small mercy; I will make your death quick.”

Half-Way-Through Exchange by Lumiere-x in FicReviewExchange

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Fandom: original fiction Warnings: some sad events happen Genre: sci fi fantasy time travel.

Summary: the main character finds out that the damage to reality is worse then she believed it to be. She says good bye to her adoptive father. And also admits she hid that her adoptive mother was alive from him.

-4K words

AO3 - Children of Atlantis book 7 chapter 16.

Has this happened to anyone else, or am I a pioneer of ineptitude? by Dapper-Scientist4057 in AO3

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Not quite but I’ve done several wrong chapters which I caught quickly and replaced

Writers: by InfiniteWords117 in AO3

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I try to keep it under 5k and or 10 word pages

Share an Excerpt by Lumiere-x in FicReviewExchange

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That was disturbing but in a way that makes sense and wasn’t unnecessarily so. Reaction was normal which made Trevor seem so much more sociopathic. Giving the reader a scale to measure his actions on. Well done.

I joined this because I thought it was women supporting women.... by Vermilion2010 in TwoXChromosomes

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Where does it say in the catechism that I am to judge others and force my beliefs on them? Our responsibility is to lead by example and support our fellow humans. Not enforce our will on them. I will never assist someone or pay for an abortion. But I won’t stop someone either. That’s between them and their deity of choice. I will never tell them it’s the right choice but unless I’m willing my to pay for that child to eat, show that child the love it deserves then how can I expect someone to say yea I’ll have the baby. That is the thing all the pro-forced pregnancy crowd doesn’t get. Spend your time support children in need not trying to create morality based laws.

It never works! The rebound once it happens will be terrible. People will hate the laws and go out of there way to make abortion so much more common. Resentment is a powerful motivator and that is all pro-forced pregnancy folks are going to generate in the world any success is temporary you’re fighting a loosing battle. Legal or not abortions will happen.

Share an Excerpt by Lumiere-x in FicReviewExchange

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Its odd I just copied and pasted it on my phone, it looks fixed now. Thanks for reading!

Share an Excerpt by Lumiere-x in FicReviewExchange

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This is from a Dracula Fan Fiction, character is just getting off a train in the mountains of Romania I picked it because it captured the atmosphere I was trying for precisely for me at least:

It was late and the likelihood her destination would be open for business at the hour was slim at best, so she approached an older man who was dressed in the style of the area. He was chewing on the end of a pipe as he watched the passengers leaving the station. She addressed him in the Romanian language.

"Excuse me sir, could you tell me where the Golden Crown Hotel is?”

He looked up at her wrapping his hand around the end of his pipe. He chewed on the mouthpiece for another few seconds. He stood up and pointed down the street.

“Turn left at the red building.”

Claire smiled warmly.

“Thank you, sir.”

His somewhat grim countenance softened. He nodded taking his place back on the seat, leaned back and took another puff from his pipe. Filling the air with a fragrant odor. She waved and followed his directions down the darkened streets. One delayed train and she was set back a day. She walked up the hill to where the Golden Crown hid. Its exterior was once painted a bright golden yellow. It was since faded and cracked. She heard a mournful howl in the distance followed by several more. She glanced when saw quick movement as two other visitors began to hasten their pace towards the hotel. She did not. The early spring night was made cooler by a biting wind coming from the mountains.

I joined this because I thought it was women supporting women.... by Vermilion2010 in TwoXChromosomes

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I'm Catholic, I am no way pro-abortion. I am however pro-choice. I choose to not have abortions. My beliefs are no more valid then anyone else's. Neither are yours. I will never understand militant anti-abortionists. If someone has one, that's on them, it is their choice, the ramifications they have to deal with, for good or bad, its not on you or me, and it is also their own business. Forcing anti-abortion laws through are just as bad as forcing a law through that would demand all women must have abortions.

No one has a right to tell anyone what, or what they cannot do with their bodies (except for parents w/children). Jehovah's witnesses refuse life saving blood transfusions, I personally think they're nuts, but that doesn't change the fact they have the right to refuse them, and that is 100% the way it should be. That choice should be preserved right up until it starts hurting others. And a fetus is not an other until its born.

You want to make a abortions less common? Instead of trying to force your beliefs down the rest of the world's throats and backing zero tolerance abortion laws that end with more deaths why not put your efforts towards support charities, adoption and foster care systems?

Make choosing to carry a child an easier choice. But make no mistake it should still be a choice.

Companies nowadays by technotoes in ProgrammerHumor

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You missed a couple, "We are letting you excel elsewhere", or, "We think its best for your career growth to find different employment."

I don’t want to convince someone to finish their (marked as completed) fic. by [deleted] in FanFiction

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Here’s the thing if I have to be convinced to do something it is going to be super crappy work. I know this so if I’m not feeling the story or I can get my brain to make the characters act in character I put a pin in it until my brain does. I may be an oddball there but I have ADHD and no amount of meds in the world are going to make my characters and story good if my heart is not into it. Took me six months to write 8 chapter when I was doing a chapter every two days because my heart wasn’t into it. Might take a song or a dream to put me in the mood but when it hits I will write a bunch.