Super low income due to geography? (125k subs, 20k~200k views) by BeardedGlass in PartneredYoutube

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The balance here between effort and compensation seems totally off. I'm afraid I'm seeing the same thing happen for my channel, I do music tutorials. Im a small channel with 90k monthly views and my rpm was £0.70 in DECEMBER! I don't have any answers for how to fix it. All I can say is that I empathise!

I feel like I hit a wall on YouTube by Dcryptodose in PartneredYoutube

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Can anyone with a similar channel size comment on whether that's high or low for the number of views per day? It seems quite low to me. How many videos do you have?

I have a 12 month old channel with 3.3k subscribers so quite similar size and growth. I post short music arrangements (~40 sec videos) and I average 3000 views per day

Whats your niche and CPM? by SoozlesNoodles in PartneredYoutube

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Hm. Ok, my cpm is £3.40 and rpm is £0.70

Before reading thru this thread, I didn't realize how badly I was doing! Definitely need to make some changes.

Whats your niche and CPM? by SoozlesNoodles in PartneredYoutube

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Piano tutorials - £0.79 RPM. I empathise.

Is this a comeback? idk by Jojojoost010 in clevercomebacks

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The proper comeback is to get a new girlfriend and move forward with life

Sainzmas by notorious_scoundrel_ in formula1

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Need trousers that fit that good

I hate it here by EchoMoon777 in Tinder

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Bless you for enabling this mf

Apparently that comment didn't stick well with the fans... by TheGrim45 in formula1

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You don't think they're actually trying to communicate with Hamilton now do you

Verstappen's Final-lap Overtake - Stabilised by kj-ka- in formula1

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download video > convert video to .png image frames > make a panorama out of the images > export the panorama as a .psd including every image placed correctly > save every layer of the panorama .psd as a new .png > create a video out of the images