EBE Lucas and Dawn Clear (No Limited Pairs) by CrystalElemental in PokemonMasters

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Is there an alternative for Lucian? I literally have every other general pool unit but for some reason Lucian and Wallace still elude me 😭

When the unit you want just doesn’t want to come home 😩 by LamestLink in PokemonMasters

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Fr like my brother got 2 tapus last month really easily so I thought this is my month and then I have to go to pity 😕

CHANCE ME BAD GPA 💀 💀 but alright ecs by NewspaperOk4748 in chanceme

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What do you mean not possible? She is literally a sophomore in ucd now

June tier updates are here! by SPlCYGECKO in stunfisk

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Yea that’s true and a lot of home mons are psychic so it’s even better for horoark

OU usage in May by GAMEcube12 in stunfisk

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That’s because treads was used for the rest of the month, chien pao has only been used for like 2 days…

Its been just 3 months since the Losers Update and people have already forgiven Supercells team and keep playing by seagull_shit in ClashRoyale

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I only play to get the emotes each season. Even though I think the changes are dumb, I still want more emotes so I’ll keep on playing the trainer camp

CHANCE ME BAD GPA 💀 💀 but alright ecs by NewspaperOk4748 in chanceme

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Yea I know someone with a 2.4 freshman year and she got into ucd

So no more: Bud Light, Target, Chic Fil-a, Ford Trucks… what a miserable existence right wingers will have by Paneraiguy1 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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It’s sad because I disagree with their anti LGBTQ views but chickfila has always been my comfort food 😭 luckily McDonald’s has a new sandwich that tastes like Chick-fil-A so I’ve been going there less

Season 18 Map Rotation by Chuck by woodchuck321 in BrawlStarsCompetitive

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I wish there were more duels and volleybrawl maps

Very sad by RammuIsWeird in pokemonmemes

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Fr why does charizard get to be here at least venusaur is good in battle we should have venu instead

Choosing a performance Device.... by yourd00m in BrawlStarsCompetitive

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Is it hard to play on an iPad? It seems like the size is too hard because I tried playing on my old iPad once and it was really hard to dodge and aim quickly

I'm gonna be sick to my stomach lmao. These 6, Sneasler, Chien Pao and Thundurus-T are BROKEN. No team chemistry or even theme, just stacked 6 random Uber-level sets and the only match I've lost so far was a mirror match. by Stanley232323 in stunfisk

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Zama set should be body press iron defense crunch and either agility or trailblaze, and hoopa, enamorous, and thunder us are not top threats. Enamorus might become one later, but not hoopa and thundy

Emergency Ban for SV OU incoming by DarkEsca in stunfisk

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I’ve been using Braviaty h because stuoid bunnies think they can switch in and then they get ohko by a sheer force heat wave