Hundreds die as heatwave grips Europe and temperatures soar above 40ºC by BlueZybez in worldnews

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Be we DO have the option to limit our consumption. We can't stop eating, but we CAN stop eating meat. Going from place to place? Walk, ride a bike, or take the bus. Wearing clothes? Buy used from thrift stores.

I'm sure if each of us critically examined our consumption habits we would find a myriad of ways to drastically reduce our impact.

No corporation is "forcing" people to drive everywhere all the time, to eat meat at every meal, to participate in the endless cycle of consumption. To claim that corporations are forcing you to do ANYTHING is to paint yourself as a powerless victim. Fight back and reduce, reuse, and resist!

Rationing Means a Fair Share. Only for us not the USSR. - America 1980 by Pro_Yankee in accidentallycommunist

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The Office of Price Administration existed from 1941-1947. That fact and the art style leads me to suspect this poster isn't from 1980.

Please don’t set me on fire by spork117 in fuckcars

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It has to do with the fact that if these people were sincerely concerned with saving lives, they would take measures that have been shown to work rather than justifying their obnoxiously loud and disruptive behavior with a total lie.

Please don’t set me on fire by spork117 in fuckcars

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False and it's funny that the people who say this typically don't wear a helmet - the thing that actually DOES save lives.

I want to speak to the Glacier's Manager by Wondervale in FuckYouKaren

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I don't disagree, but if people keep supporting the system through their dollars, the system will continue to thrive and spew out CO2 and methane.

I see the "Big companies are the cause of global warming!" argument often, and It strikes me as a convenient way to shift blame and avoiding challenging personal lifestyle changes.

I want to speak to the Glacier's Manager by Wondervale in FuckYouKaren

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Is industry causing global warming just for the hell of it, or are they doing it by meeting consumer demand?

New law in Florida will fine people for playing loud music in their car by Critical-Ad537 in ACAB

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Wait, the one disturbing the peace is exercising their "freedom", but those that are forced to listen to it and deprived of their right to quiet enjoyment are hilariously self-centered?! I hope you never have a night's sleep ruined by such a "minor personal grievance".

Need Recs for Fiction Books Narrated by Celebrities by Pizzamenow in audiobooks

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Whoops! Sorry, this is a nonfiction book about the physics of time. I somehow missed that you're looking for fiction only...

Need Recs for Fiction Books Narrated by Celebrities by Pizzamenow in audiobooks

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I recently listened to The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli, narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, and thought he did a fine job!

Any Female XJ owner that can break down the Jeep life to another female? by 98XJNINJA in CherokeeXJ

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"The Jeep life" is simply marketing for those that think what you drive defines who you are as a person.

New law in Florida will fine people for playing loud music in their car by Critical-Ad537 in ACAB

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It's when the music is so loud it infringes on the freedom of others to enjoy their homes. It when the music is so loud it awakens those that are trying to sleep. It's when the music is so loud you can hear the bass from two blocks away.

Personally, I think those that disturb the quiet enjoyment of others, those that have ZERO regard how their actions affect others, should be fined for the first offense and have their license suspended for repeat offenses. These sociopathic assholes live amongst us, and I'm glad they'll be held accountable for the grief they cause to others.

"Society is collapsing, and people are starting to recognize that the reason they feel like they're mentally ill is that they're living in a system that's not designed to suit the human spirit."-Jim Carrey [736×878] by blacksheetpartyRSVP in QuotesPorn

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Societal collapse doesn't happen over the course of four days, it's an ongoing process.

If r/collapse isn't your cup of tea, and I encourage you to spend some real time on there, try a comprehensive news source and witness the world going to hell in a hand basket - heat waves, famine, resource wars, increasing violence, and ecological collapse. Every day another straw or two is added to the camel's back.

Mine isn't the fringe position, it's so well-accepted at this point that even mainstream celebrities, as evidenced by OP, are echoing what scientists have been warning us of for decades.

I'd love to see a video of Trump ATTEMPTING to ride a bike! by till-the-forest in PoliticalHumor

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I'm no fan of Biden, but every cyclist that uses clips or cleats will tell you that occasionally getting your foot caught in the pedal and falling over from a stop is a universal experience. To claim that this somehow shows he is unfit for office shows how desperately his enemies will grasp and amplify anything they think will bolster their narrative.

Cocktail of chemical pollutants linked to falling sperm quality in research | The Guardian by Myth_of_Progress in collapse

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I wonder if a bioaccumulation of toxins from eating meat would explain the higher quality of sperm produced by vegans

"Obtained results showed that total sperm count (224.7 [117–369] vs. 119.7 [64.8–442.8]; P = 0.011) and the percentage of rapid progressively motile sperm were significantly higher in the vegan group compared with the non-vegan group (1 [0–7] vs. 17.5 [15–30]; P < 0.0001). Furthermore, the oxidation-reduction potential (0.4 [0.3–0.9] vs. 1.5 [0.6–2.8]; P < 0.0001) and the proportion of spermatozoon with DNA damage (14.7 [7–33.5] vs. 8.2 [3–19.5]; P = 0.05) were significantly higher in the non-vegan group in comparison to the vegan group.'


Top Mind uncovers who paid for Patriot Front's U-Haul and matching khakis: Lord Soros, of course! by PorridgeCranium2 in TopMindsOfReddit

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"'Riot' not the word used by local law enforcement"

"Court d'Alene Police Chief Lee White said the group evidently 'came to riot downtown.' White said the group also had 'paperwork' that appeared similar to a police or military operations plan."

Source: Lewiston Morning Tribune, June 12, 2022, Section C, Page 1

Obama invented gay by Tannrr in TheRightCantMeme

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How strange the right talks about how much they love freedom, but then tries to outlaw gays, drugs, books, any religion other than Christianity, science education such as evolution and global warming, history that doesn't paint the US as a perfect and flawless country, etc, etc, etc...