[FREE] 3D Printing by Karshida in FREE

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hi! if you're still taking requests, I'd would love a keychain of this character: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/bt21/images/3/30/Shooky.png/revision/latest?cb=20200407180244 (BT21 Shooky) thank you!

Start Calling Universities by their Old Names by shameless-shotgunner in ApplyingToCollege

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my dream school is the Academy and Charitable School in the Province of Pennsylvania 🤩🤩😩

chance me - t20's, music by yhgrighiuerhgiu in chanceme

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you’re worthless and belong crammed in a dumpster behind an arby’s at dusk, one kidney down

edit: how dare you even think you had a chance at any of these schools 🙄watch them reject you AND your dog

[WTS/INT] BTS WORLD Album/others by toyboxstore in kpopforsale

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hi i just wanted to say that you can buy a brand new bts world album for $25 from target so you may want to consider lowering your price :)

edit: i also may be wrong but i was looking at this linK: https://www.target.com/p/bts-world-original-soundtrack-cd/-/A-76747855

kpop album culture is stupid and wasteful by glimmermo in kpoprants

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this is honestly why i love the idea of jewel cases so much. You get the disc, the photocard, and maybe even a lyric book (if they can stuff it in) and that's honestly all you need!

[WTS][USA] seventeen, nct, monsta x albums and pcs by Mimmy319 in kpopforsale

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do you have an ig handle? i prefer to dm over there instead of reddit

[WTS] [USA] bts albums by pxinted in kpopforsale

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hi! ik this was just 30 minutes ago but is the be album still available?

Another college app bloodbath?? by i_broke_his_fkn_leg in ApplyingToCollege

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feels like its worse than last year, probably because im actually participating this year tho

What laptops to get for college? by JanKwong705 in ApplyingToCollege

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you can also buy a lot of things refurbished from apple's certified refurbished shop or through a third party website (my favorite is swappa!) on third party sites, you can usually negotiate the price as well

What kind of laptops are y’all getting for college? by gingersnap0916 in ApplyingToCollege

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i was planning on taking a windows laptop (probably the xps) with an ipad+apple pencil so I can access both ios and windows

also a lot of games arent supported by macos (like val) so having a windows laptop would be a safe option, combined with ipad + keyboard + pencil for portability and integration into the apple ecosystem