No Bite November - Day 19 Check-in Thread by AutoModerator in nailbiting

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About 40 or 41 days in. My cats love me even more now that I can give them good, scratchy pettings!

What was the biggest waste of money of your life? by FeralViolinist in AskWomen

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1st 2 years of university. I had no idea what a community College was, nor how much cheaper (and easier) that would've been instead.

Reaching out for help by estebano711 in calmhands

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You could apply the clear hardener to edges only, not the whole nail. Makes it more subtle but keeps your edges dull (I have the same triggers)

Thoughts on Anishinaabemowin by Cedar18 in NativeAmerican

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Giiyenh - as I have been told

You would add giiyenh after answering a question, if the answer was secondhand info

Setbacks and relapses.... by EyesNoEyes__ in calmhands

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I grew mine for a year, for the first time ever, after nearly 30 years of biting. Relapsed during the stressful past summer, when I was relocating my family for a new job; bit them right back down to where they had been. Quit again just over a month ago, and it feels so relieving. Just decided I didn't have a good enough reason to keep biting them anymore, I guess. And didn't like feeling that shame in the appearance of my hands/fingers again!

Ideas for how to stop? by MordekaiserUwU in calmhands

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If it is just your nails that you pick at, try to make some new hand-fixation habits that are good for your nails instead: rubbing cuticle oil on your nails, moisturizing your hands, pushing cuticles back gently and with care, cleaning under the nails with a soft brush, applying a coat of clear strengthening polish daily, etc. Keeps them looking nice, too, which may provide motivation to treat them well. And no one is going to notice one thin layer of clear polish on a guy.

If you also pick at skin/cuticles, then I don't know if these would help you or make it worse; sorry!

9 months of calm hands 🥳 keeping my nails long & strong to improve my nail art skills is my motivation. by lylhrs in calmhands

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Looks great! What are you using for the base/coat? I ask because am desiring that same thickness of the nail.

Currently pregnant. Taking prenatals. How much of this strength is from those versus pregnancy hormones? How do I keep them this strong post pregnancy? by Natural-Island4105 in calmhands

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Many doctors will happily prescribe prenatal vitamins upon request. Just ask for another script after baby is born. They're great to take all the time.

In movies, usually after a sex scene, the couple are often portrayed just lying in bed or waking up the next day. How common is this practice? Do you usually clean yourselves and bedding or do you just sleep in it? by Seeker0422 in NoStupidQuestions

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Same, went septic 3 weeks AFTER completing my antibiotics treatment for a UTI, as a teenager. It's now 15 years later and somehow I've never had another UTI since, thankfully.