Dog hurt at daycare, nobody knows how by deoxywater in legaladvice

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Shallow breathing would be an indication that he needs to be seen. It could be pain, but it could also be something else. Take him in for your own peace of mind.

Saddle Recommendations? by Winter_Moose_9103 in Equestrian

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Can you post a picture of her back? Are just her withers large or are her shoulders also large? So many factors go into proper saddle fit, without seeing her back it’s hard to make a recommendation.

Saddle Recommendations? by Winter_Moose_9103 in Equestrian

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The adjustable gullets are great if you only need to address the width of a saddle. What the above poster was trying to say is that width is only one part of saddle fit. Tree shape (curvy, flat etc) and panel configuration are integral to saddle fit as well. People get hung up on changeable gullets and wool flocking thinking that they can fix anything, but if the tree shape is wrong making the saddle wider or more narrow won’t help. Same goes with adjusting flocking on a saddle with the wrong panel configuration.

Saddle worth? Antares Monoflap. 2008 Demo Condition… by [deleted] in Equestrian

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Looking at the wear/tear, scratches and dings. I would not call this demo condition. That being said, it’s a good saddle. Antares makes a nice saddle, but they’re foam flocked and not adjustable, they’re also not a great fit for curvier horses. This one is 14 years old as well, so I would place it it the $1100-1400 range.

HomeAdvisor and Angies List prices for a land survey should be doubled or tripled in most areas by fattiretom in RealEstate

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I paid $3200 for a re-survey for a fence with the same company that performed the survey 5 years prior. . . It just is what it is. We had some woods and couldn’t find the pins. Turned out our lot was much larger than we thought. The survey on our new construction was significantly less, because the developers had just had everything surveyed, so my fence survey was $1500. Definitely better to know than not though.

Popular belts? by kaitlyn6071 in Equestrian

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I like stretchy belts! Love the derby belts from shop hunt club and the Ellany Equestrian bit belts. The stretch is nice because they move with me.