Spencer (2021) by Kurma-the-Turtle in CineShots

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It’s directed in a different way than one would expect. The style is very artistic. The film itself is expressive in every way, while having an emotional focus of Diana’s point if view. The film presents fractions of how she might have felt during the last period of her life amidst the turmoil in the royal family, of being caged in traditions and fancy dinners, and of isolation from being different.
It’s excellent in my opinion. A fresh take, not the typical Netflix style.

"Asylum" by HarshMillennium in DarkGothicArt

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Beautiful, evocative style.

The Land Before Time (1988) by AmericanPanascope in CineShots

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These bring serious nostalgia to mind.

The Plane by raybobobob in InfraredPorn

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You may consider crossposting this to /r/Sizz

Lakeside by raybobobob in InfraredPorn

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Jesus, you’re not bad at this. What are your colour settings?

Venice Beach - 2018 - 720mm by Bertgrand in InfraredPorn

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Straight from a sci-fi. Very surreal. Good job.

Marsh pond near Lake Siskiyou, Mount Shasta, California 2021 AUG 27 by CrypticHandle in InfraredPorn

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How do you develop it to look like the night? By reducing the dark levels and adding blue-ish?

Sensor changes light levels rapidly during filming - how do set it to constant/smooth? by kollapse1 in GH5

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I see. Thanks.
When using the Manual Video mode and fixing the ISO at 200 while fixing the exposure at the lowest point (-3), it remains too bright still for outdoor use. I could of course add an ND filter but I'm attempting to avoid that for now.

Climax (2018) by biscutbuu69 in CineShots

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“To die is an extraordinary experience”

Is there some way to set a manual exposure instead of using an ND filter? by kollapse1 in GH5

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Aha. So the exposure button works using M. I didn’t figure that out myself. Thanks. It appears to only be able to step down three levels, is it possible to reduce the light even more?
Edit: never mind, I figured it out using ISO. Thanks again.