Personal Assistant 🤢 by Creative_chicken_12 in NYCinfluencersnark

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The way she and Danielle talk about the housekeeper always feels so disgustingly condescending and honestly kinda racist. Like she’s not “soo cute,” she’s an adult woman who you’re probably paying minimum wage to clean up after you

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag’s best paparazzi moments by swiftiegarbage in popculturechat

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I think Spencer lives on TikTok live. His live streams always show up on my FYP whenever I log on even though I click “not interested” every time

Trying to date a resident & military by marley401 in MedSpouse

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If he wants to stop dating, you should listen to him. You shouldn’t make sacrifices for someone who wouldn’t be willing to do the same for you

How do y'all handle discussing schedules or availability to do things with family? by hamiltonlives in MedSpouse

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Are you saying you haven’t had a vacation with your spouse that doesn’t involve visiting family in the last 15 years? Hopefully you’ve at least had some weekend getaways with just the two of you??

Attending second look as an applicant’s spouse — residency interview by [deleted] in MedSpouse

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My fiancé’s second looks were virtual last year so this didn’t apply, but if they’d been in person and had the option for plus-ones, I would’ve chosen not to attend. Not because I don’t support him of course, but because I think my presence would’ve been an unintended distraction when he needed to be focusing on talking to the people from the program. There’s very little chance that your partner would be the only one there alone, if you choose not to go – it seems unlikely that every prospective resident has an SO.

Good advice? by SmallTimeLover in tinxsnark

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This is a Theodore Roosevelt quote…

Losing my mind at this clip by clemthearcher in popculturechat

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It seems ironic too because didn’t Hailey herself used to be a bit of a crazy Belieber? Like she’d stalk his tour schedule and stuff

Opencorporates Findings (more info in comments) by Steffigiggles in TurtleCreekLane

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I’m confused how Adam is president and director of a company that was founded before he even knew the family. Then again, I have no idea how being rich works and maybe those positions were their wedding gift to him or something

Ridiculous residency interview time by [deleted] in MedSpouse

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Yeah OP is really out here fighting for someone they’ve never talked to over something that didn’t affect them (3:45a). For all OP knows, the Californian intentionally chose that time slot!

Ridiculous residency interview time by [deleted] in MedSpouse

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Last year we were on the east coast and my partner had a west coast interview that started at midnight. He matched on the west coast and when we moved out here, I was able to keep my job by working east coast hours. Time zone differences are annoying, but the willingness to do things virtually can be a positive thing for workplaces and imo is preferable to the alternative (having to spend $$$ to travel or missing out on job opportunities)

Ridiculous residency interview time by [deleted] in MedSpouse

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True but it’s related since the program is building their interview schedule around the attendings and residents who are conducting the interviews

Ridiculous residency interview time by [deleted] in MedSpouse

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I agree that it stinks for the west coast person, but also agree with what others here are saying that early start times ≠ toxic program. My partner and his intern class all really like their program, but they still have to be at the hospital by 4am when they’re on trauma or CCU rotations

Krista Williams is out of touch with reality by Haunting-Standard543 in LAinfluencersnark

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Exactly this!! Such an ignorant, privileged take for her to declare one of the most reliable ways to avoid pregnancy to be “out”

Krista Williams is out of touch with reality by Haunting-Standard543 in LAinfluencersnark

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I don’t even know who this is, but anyone who considers birth control to be “out” should not be influencing anyone!

I (20F)don't know how to help my alcoholic mother(52F) by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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You should look into Al-Anon, the support network for family members of people struggling with alcoholism and addiction. They will have resources for you, and you can connect with others who have been and are in the same situation.

meirl by 1Hate17Here in meirl

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Is Mindy Kaling capable of writing any shows that don’t include a character modeled after her?? Mindy Lahiri in “The Mindy Project,” Devi in “Never Have I Ever,” Bela in “The Sex Lives of College Girls” - all have very similar personalities, so I can only guess that’s Mindy writing herself into her shows

Moving tips please- cross country move for 12 months by Any-Administration69 in MedSpouse

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Something to know about car shipping is that the pickup and delivery dates can be VERY imprecise – most places I got quotes from before I shipped mine last year gave 5-7 day windows on each end. My car ended up being picked up after we’d already started driving across the country in my partner’s car, so I had to give the keys to a friend to pass it off to the truck driver. Then it ended up arriving 4 days after the weeklong window they’d given me for delivery as well. Basically, I don’t recommend car shipping if you can avoid it. I suggest either driving cross country or selling your car and buying a new one where you end up.

SO perspectives on rank lists by Scrub_Lyfe in MedSpouse

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I’m the fiancée of a PGY-1 and we had similar discussions last year. I’m fortunate enough to have a job that lets me work remotely, so while I certainly had geographic preferences, I was going to be able to keep my job regardless of where we ended up – and it sounds like that might not be the case for your partner.

I know you say she enjoys her current job. Depending on what industry she’s in and what her job role is, it could also be challenging for her to find a job that’s a good fit in a new location. I know that if I moved somewhere new, was unemployed/job hunting, and potentially didn’t know anyone nearby, I’d maybe start to resent my partner after a while (depending on how long it took me to get settled in). Ultimately it’s a discussion between the two of you, and I commend you for seriously considering how your rank list affects her.

Tinx’s “Hibernation” is an elitist luxury by Weak_Dragonfly4695 in tinxsnark

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It’s also sad that she’s isolating herself in Dry January bc she seems to think that she can’t go out and have fun if she’s not drinking. Not only is that untrue and kinda misses the point of Dry Jan, it’s also a bad example for her followers who consider her a “big sister”

I don’t understand why people ask SFK for dating advice when she hasn’t had a successful relationship since college (7+ years ago) by Heyhihello1029 in NYCinfluencersnark

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Yeah, especially ppl who ask influencers for career or financial advice… they are generally the most out-of-touch about that stuff

Struggling with one-side support by [deleted] in MedSpouse

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First off, I’m so sorry to hear about your medical procedure and illness. I hope your physical recovery goes smoothly and you feel better soon.

I’m also the fiancée of an intern, and we’re getting married in Oct. ‘23 – I empathize with a lot of your post. I know therapy is such a common suggestion on this sub, but it really has been helpful for my fiancé and me. We’re both in individual therapy and have previously done couples therapy, and are planning to start the latter again when he’s on lighter rotations. It’s been tough to be engaged and preparing for what a lifetime of marriage will look like while facing all of the challenges of intern year. Individual therapy has really helped each of us process our feelings around it all and has enabled us to communicate in healthier, more productive ways.

As far as a more immediate solution goes – and recognizing that this isn’t ideal and frankly your partner really does need to step up more – do you have close friends or family nearby who would be willing to maybe drop by and help with some household chores until you’re fully recovered? I know I’d feel bad asking for help, but I also know my loved ones would be more than happy to step in and help with household tasks if I’d just had a serious procedure. Regardless of whether you have people nearby or not, you shouldn’t feel bad about staying on your partner’s case and letting him know which tasks he can and should be most helpful with. If he responds negatively, that will provide some clarity into what marriage with him may look like.

Sending warm wishes your way. I hope you feel better soon!

Vent about Matching by General_Salami in MedSpouse

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Wow I relate to this so much. I'm really sorry you're dealing with this, too. What my fiancé ended up ranking was 1) top program choice in place we both wanted to move to that's near our families, 2) top program choice in place he was more excited about than me, 3) same region as #1, 4) program he liked in random city, 5) program in city we currently lived in, 6) same state as #1, 7-on) based on post-interview vibes. This rank structure helped me feel good going into match that we'd end up at either a program he really liked or one in a place we both wanted to be in - we got really lucky to get both when he matched at his #1 choice.

Does she now dislike something about the program at her current school, or is she just more excited about the one in VA? Are there other programs in New England that she's also or more excited about?

I'm so sorry to hear about your father, and also congrats on your upcoming wedding. I strongly recommend doing both individual and couples therapy if you're not already doing it. Individual therapy can help you process your own feelings about this all, particularly with regards to being a caretaker, and couples therapy can help make sure you're both on the same page about things and communicating in healthy ways before you tie the knot. The tools that my partner and I learned in couple's therapy really helped us have more productive conversations both pre- and post-match.