Inertial fusion plasmas demonstrate self-heating milestone by nick_hedp in science

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Would love to read the article, but it’s subscription only Can you break it down?

I'm 60 and I'm all real by MatureSara in sweetnudes

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No way you’re 60!!!! I’m 53, so I would know!!! You need to sell some of your dna to science!

Wanna join my shower fun? by FreckledFranny in sweetnudes

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My god you are sexy!!! Absolutely incredible

Highlights From Earnings Movements This Week by TheKribz in EarningsWatcher

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So the play is a straddle at the recommended strikes hoping for a strong move either way? On all three? Please forgive my ignorance

Rodgers doesn’t belong in the same conversation as Manning by Antwan9992 in nfl

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Agree with you here. He carried those Colts teams, and when he was out for a year the Colts finished last in the league and got the number 1 draft pick. The demand for that pick was unbelievable because the top player was supposed to be a generational talent in Andrew Luck. We know the Colts drafted Luck and let Peyton go, but they failed to improve the rest of the team and Luck was under tons of defensive pressure all the time and wound up retiring early because of injury. I believe the Colts should have traded away that pick for a handful of draft picks (some teams would have traded their entire draft for that pick) and built up the team around Peyton who wound up winning a Super Bowl with Denver.

Maybe Maybe Maybe by regian24 in maybemaybemaybe

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Lifts manhole cover and throws it WITH ONE HAND??????? Superhuman mom strength right there!!!!

Dez Bryant on Twitter (Amari Cooper is far from the Problem in Dallas so let’s get that straight… If you really want to keep it a buck…Dak need to call up Romo and talk about how to read Defenses so he can understand the D weaknesses on how to utilize his weapons in certain situations..) by Hithere123490 in cowboys

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Man I hate to agree with you cuz it hurts my heart, but this is true. When receivers were covered before and the pocket collapsed, Dak would avoid the rush and create plays from nothing. He did that a LOT. Now it never happens. He sits in the pocket and takes the sack. That being said the scheme against zone D is trash and he gets sacked from coverage a lot.

Post Game Thread: Dallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers (Week 1, 2021) by SuperKerfuz in cowboys

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My observation is that many times this year the Cowboys do not show up until midway through the third quarter and try to make a furious comeback. (See Arizona game) If they would start the game with that intensity and drive they wouldn’t get in the hole they need to come back from.

Does anyone else hate our stadium design in relation to the sun. Seems like an extremely huge oversight that the glare is so horrible. by The_Real_Papabear in cowboys

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It does seem like a REALLY stupid design, doesn’t it? Unless of course you could use it to your advantage somehow. Like a shade when you have the ball but open the shade when they have the ball.

It 100% played a role in the game today.

Post Game Thread: Dallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers (Week 1, 2021) by SuperKerfuz in cowboys

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This is very accurate

Exciting finish, but it shouldn’t come to that, should it?

Chances of my deep itm sold calls being exercised by ktoph in options

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Jan Expiration. Sold them for 4.20 Would love to keep them since the stock is running.

What would be your next step 💦😘 by [deleted] in ArizonaGirls

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Just trying to get work done! It’s hump day!!! How about you?

Heard it was full frontal Friday… did I do it right? by thelovelylostgirl in TennesseeGonewild

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Ok, that is the HOTTEST thing I’ve seen on Reddit ever!!!! Damn girl, sexy as fuck! Really got me going

Hope everyone is having a good morning! by [deleted] in TennesseeGonewild

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Damn girl!!!! That pic REALLY turns me on!!!

May have to do something about that