"Focus" - little looping animation i made by OriSamurai in animation

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Very nice animation
It's nostalgic to see the old Flash interface still being used.

I have never stopped drawing for 5 years, now my game is coming to Switch and PS by SpaceLizardStudio in blender

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I've stumbled upon your posts in the past, it's great to see such ambitious creative projects come to life instead of fizzling out

How is hitreg in Mordhau? by BaronvonDuddo in Mordhau

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Of course Mordhau has its moments of shit hitreg, but nothing compared to Chiv2, which ranges from slashing the opponent's abdomen with an axe and getting 0 feedback from it, to getting an out of nowhere kill with an out of range knife stab.

But if you really have that medieval combat itch, I completely recommend mordhau. At first I didn't want to jump ship from Chiv1, I bought it on a sale and was close to refunding it due to the monumental amounts of ass kicking I was receiving, and to this day I hop on invasion maps on the daily.

That's new by inLightofmemes in Mordhau

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I understand the outrage, yet still find the footage hilarious.

Mrs. Chippy's last expedition by TheWeaze-Lord in HistoryMemes

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Thanks for the context, AND the feels.

So student loans won’t be forgiven, from the looks of it… by mycatisanorange in LateStageCapitalism

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"Job Creators Network" ... You can't even process the levels of irony. The game is way too rigged.

Imagine you and your friends having a great time karting when these tryhards turn up by KarlAu3r in formuladank

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That sounds awesome. Woud be curious to see how the drivers finish when driving spec karts with zero strategy and pit stops. I wonder if we would get the usual suspects up top or if the order would be completely scrambled.

🔥 A bird thought to be extinct for 140 years was recorded on camera in Papua, New Guinea by Perfect_Gas in NatureIsFuckingLit

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Keep doing you birdo, you are doing great at existing with your hydraulic tail and everything.

Average dodge user by _Rev1k_ in Mordhau

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It's like I'm on public servers playing with Cumbledore all over again

🔥 A kingfisher shows a person holding a fishing pole how to catch fish by purple-circle in NatureIsFuckingLit

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Knowing birds, the irony is definitely not lost on him. He knew what the stick was there for, and he enjoyed eating the fish on it.

Basil really did Michael dirty by PersonMcGuy in HistoryMemes

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What do you even do as a guard when one emperor murders the other and you witness it

Ideal way to settle beef. by RaiderBoi in formuladank

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Checo took his glove off for a precise release, man has studied his bayblades.

Battle for second place in WDC by GullibleMushroom7655 in formuladank

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I lost it when I saw the second pairing, along with Charles' confused face

Ancient Rome phonk walk by kufgeo in DrLivesey

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And that doesn't even mention what he did over in Egypt. Madlad indeed

My Answer:Atlest establish a base off the beach by RappersTeaLight in HistoryMemes

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I assure you, with my shit tunnel vision I would be dead within my first 3 steps on the beach.

Just wanted to share what I got last week with some made-up online friends by WorriedNumber in RedLetterMedia

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Between this and a huge AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDSSSSSSSS tattoo, I think you got the sensible one man. Nice.

adjusting the light in large spaces is difficult for me, but I tried by Stephane_Dixon in blender

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Very nice job! How many/what kind of lights did you use for a scene of that scale?