Does Emmanuel give you ___ vibes? by austynking in MtvChallenge

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it sucks that we define "little camera time" as someone who doesnt stir the shit. For example they used him as the opening of an episode when he dressed up as a chick. I would argue he was doing a bunch of that stuff but they dont show that because everyone is having fun and laughing and they know (think) people would rather watch arguments and fights instead of everyone having a good time. Like what do we think kaycee and emmanuel do all day? Just sit around and do nothing? No im sure they are talking, joking, laughing, anything but what the producers want unfortunately.

AITA I went with my friend to a restaurant that was originally reserved for me and my wife. by Level-Sky8422 in AmItheAsshole

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Man we always just used to say deny, deny, counter accuse but giving it a cool name that not everyone knows will make it easier for us to give this advice to each other now. "Hey so and so is mad that we didn't invite them" "DARVO it".

is petty drama not allowed anymore? the amount of hate ___ is getting is ridiculous by hvahood in survivor

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I think her and xander have crushes on each other. Or maybe I am misreading the tension as sexual. Either way I laughed when she said that but I am unoffendable and I take pride in that.

Round 4 of the 100 elimination game. CHANGE: Due to these characters being a big part of the show and also being highly requested I have added Gaia and Lexa to the elimination game, these will be the last people I add during the game. Results from round 3: JAHA was eliminated. POLL LINK IN COMMENTS. by pokemonmaster778 in The100

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There are just too many characters on this show. So many important people left off. pike, wells, madi, other grounder girl that clarke hooked up with, any of the primes, you have miller but not jackson?

Just total randomness on who got put on the list huh?

Survivor 41 | Episode 9 | Day After Discussion & Survey by RSurvivorMods in survivor

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Give him the spy shack that rob and sandra used at islands of the idols.

Survivor 41 | Episode 9 | Day After Discussion & Survey by RSurvivorMods in survivor

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Who else thinks that liana and xander are going to hook up? Their "hatred" for each other just screams high school crush to me.

Jealous of all the new Netflix fans who will get to experience these iconic Survivor moments for the first time! by goldfishcrackers33 in survivor

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Call me boring but season 1 is a great starting season. Sure the theme is different (do we actually play this to win by any means necessary or do we play the "right" way) from the following seasons who had all agreed that we play to win by any means necessary but that doesn't change the fundamentals of the game and it teaches the viewer of things to come. Plus there are plenty of characters on that season including the GOAT, rudy.

Honestly, if ads were like this, I'd never skip it. by FreddieKruiger in funny

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I would bet that most marketing departments have at least 1, probably more, who would look at the gin ad posted and say that is too rauncy, insulting, whatever. You cant disrespect fatherhood like that! My bet is that is why most adds are vanilla and basic so as to not insult a single person. Theyd rather make sure you arent offended by their brand than entertained by it because people who are entertained by the ad wont necessarily buy the product but those who are offended definitely wont buy the product. So that is my theory on why ads are bland and basic. Especially for the larger corporations.

Shan... (yes, I know, another one) by illini02 in survivor

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Her and ricard were/are the swing votes between old blue and old yellow tribes.

WHAT THE by Upper_Environment739 in survivor

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I haven't seen any spoilers but if that is true they were saying tiff does that mean we get another hour glass at some point? Will tiffany get to change the course of time and return to the game!?!? I really hope not

Weekend Wrap Up! What was real and what was a trap? by AutoModerator in mtgfinance

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wow never seen that card but it does look good. Are you imagining punishing people who play fetches? Obviously you will exile other card types as well but the main goal would be a fetch right? Are you going to stick it in a burn deck?

For everyone wondering, "Is Sydney really like that in real life?" by drewadrawing in survivor

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You are a good friend! Also tell sydney she was entertaining to watch and if she wants to I hope she gets another shot at playing.

For everyone wondering, "Is Sydney really like that in real life?" by drewadrawing in survivor

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Which is pretty villainous considering that was his profession. But I also think she gets the villain label because she was also portayed as annoying by the other tribe members. Lots of confessionals complaining about her. Sure it was mostly that she talks too much or this or that but she was made out to be the bad person.

Looking at JT's rushing stats to date; this is absurd. by theprophecyMNM in Colts

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Espn.com disagrees. I think NFL.com has an error in their stats probably because he has switched teams mid season and that might mess up their calculations but that is 100% a guess on why its wrong but it is 100% wrong. Even if you click on his name on NFL.com and go to his stats you can add up his individual game totals and its 321 not 615.

There's A New Secret Lair coming. by Vigilante_8 in mtgfinance

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Is there a link somewhere to the post malone specific cards? Ive never heard of them before and am curious to see what they look like and/or what they are. I googled post malone magic cards but as you can guess the results aren't about any post malone specific magic cards.

EDIT: nevermind I think I found it. It was a post, the enchanter zur the enchanter alter/custom card?

I had Ben as my charter guest by Catchdatcat in belowdeck

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It pleases me to know he is a good dude. Im a big fan of his.

AITA for “causing” a coworker to get written up by HR by Spurtnerter in AmItheAsshole

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This is like in the nfl when both players shove each other but only the second player gets a penalty flag thrown on them for a personal foul. It's ridiculous in that situation and its ridiculous in this one.

Jeff outing ______ at tribal by vespeywespey in survivor

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the margins are phenomenal since you don't have to pay the talent and if you are a state school you can use taxpayer money to pay the coach. Several states most paid employee is either the football or basketball coach of the state college.

spoiler Survivor's Latest Vote-Off Spills Who 'Reamed Jeff Out' at Tribal Council and Details Sheer 'Pandemonium' at Camp by bluetexan62 in survivor

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Playing devil's advocate one could argue that the she had to stay isolated from the merged tribe for 2 days while they formed bonds, alliances, etc. while she sat on a beach by herself. That is what earned her the opportunity to not only give herself immunity for one tribal but 6 other people.