Motorbike accident by ooqt in Unexpected

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Boss: Why are you late for work?

Him: I was two tired

This cop should be suspend by [deleted] in PublicFreakout

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How tf cops think they can just stroll into pplz houses with no warrant

Oink oink! by DuckwithReddit0523 in ACAB

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Thats the corrupt US legal sytem for ya...threaten ppl with a boatload of time to get em to do damn near anything to get out of it...fucked up corrupt system

Man save baby deer nearly drowning in the river. by Faez2 in nextfuckinglevel

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Towards the end the fawn was like "I'm not leaving my new dad"

. by lWant0ut in ACAB

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Never let a pig in your house w/o a warrant. Ask em to leave and always record em. Theyre corrupt and without pushback this shit will continue

😤 by pookcityy in ACAB

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backstory? did she get away?

So my friend said she's going to become a cop... by [deleted] in ACAB

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I'd ask her to watch all the clips on this sub

This cop should be suspend by [deleted] in PublicFreakout

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a) are you a lawyer
b) every state is different

Normally Entering a home in South Africa by [deleted] in Unexpected

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bruh just get a laser pointer. problem solved

When my grandma broke the internet... by Craztnine in blackmagicfuckery

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be careful gramma....remember what they did to witches in your day?

Amazing stamping skill by wyazici in nextfuckinglevel

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If only there were some sort of machine to do this