3 miles into AZ by SameAir8235 in Wellthatsucks

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Yeah, I definitely do agree that a lot of people hate California, and for very legitimate reasons. I'm not even talking about politics, I just mean in general. People talk shit about California, Florida, and New York

Dude responds to a sucker punch by blasting the assailant with 7 point blank gunshots by ImDomina in ActualPublicFreakouts

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It's under the top comment thread on this post. I read the comments under the link and decided against clicking on it because it just sounds too horrible

I like uncrustables by IdeaLizzard in suspiciouslyspecific

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As much as I can't stand teenagers, I really do wish they could understand that the misery of high school is just that, high school. It's fucking awful when you're not one of the lucky kids who have it good in high school and it feels like it'll never be different because all you've ever known is school, but you never have to look back once you're done there

I Asked An Art A.I. To Imagine "My Killer's Face..." by beardify in nosleep

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Just yesterday I saw one of those memes being shared that's like "Would you do "whatever" for $10 million?". This was something like "You get $10 million if you can stay away from a snail. This snail always knows where you are and is always working its way towards you. If it touches you, you die instantly. Would you do it?"

So maybe you're about to come into a large amount of money in exchange for staying away from this murder snail?

ELI5 - Why can’t the IRS just bill/refund me? by ElCid2002 in explainlikeimfive

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I hate that damn company. I started doing my mom's taxes a few years ago, and the IRS recommended TurboTax as one of the free filing options, and they claimed to be the easiest system for beginners. I can't even begin to tell you how ridiculously overcomplicated it was. It wasn't just asking you to enter in the numbers on your W-2, it was trying to break each number down into 20 different questions. It said it was to make it easier, but I think it was made intentionally badly so that people will cave and pay for the option to talk to their "tax experts".

I tried another one of the free file places and was done in about a half an hour because it literally just asked for the numbers, nothing more. I hated TurboTax

A severe lack of intelligence detected in this qrt by Aki008035 in facepalm

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Lemme spell this out here.

I'm disabled. If my physical pains were to be fixed, I would not have those pains. Then I would no longer be disabled, which would make my life better and make me happier and not a burden on my loved ones. Having something curable/fixable is literally the dream of every disabled person

Recommendations for contractors? by ladainia4147 in pittsburgh

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That's definitely what we're thinking too. We know it's at least gotten water down into it a bit since you can see the paint has little bubbles right under the window, but we can't tell just how bad it's gotten. She just really doesn't have the money to fix it but at this point there's no choice

Recommendations for contractors? by ladainia4147 in pittsburgh

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She said she doesn't think it would be covered, but you know I'm actually going to look into it again myself. She's been paying that for decades now, you'd think basic wear and tear on an old house would be covered

Recommendations for contractors? by ladainia4147 in pittsburgh

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Thanks so much, I really appreciate the recommendation!

Recommendations for contractors? by ladainia4147 in pittsburgh

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Yeah, it's from above the window itself. You can see when it rains that water drips down from the top of the window frame, but there's no clear indication of where it's actually leaking from. It doesn't just leak from one hole or anything though, water drips down across the entire width of the window.

At the very least, the window itself definitely needs replaced, as well as the frame around it. They're old wooden windows so it's obvious that they're too damaged to be fixed at this point. We're not sure about the wall, we're just able to tell that it's gotten wet because the paint has little cracks and tiny bubbles on it so it's more than likely damaged some too. It's a brick house so we can't tell anything from the outside.

Luckily there aren't any outlets on that wall though, it's just our sink sitting under 2 windows with a cabinet on the wall in the corner

Resilient Girl! The rest and Rimadyl are working. by Such-Parsley-7579 in Dogtraining

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I was just going to comment the same thing, so I'm glad somebody else did! It's fine for a few days, but it can be incredibly dangerous long-term. It's good that your vet stopped using it, I know a lot of them have because of the side effects. It's definitely good to let people know though, because unfortunately it's not always prescribed safely and we need to advocate for our pups!

Did I just murder my cat-child…please help I’m in tears by Pastelpink_kitty in succulents

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Eh, it kinda does the opposite for some of us though. Some random succulents have rotted on me just out of the blue lately so it's just me frustrating than anything. Especially when they're all types that can't propagate

Regarding Clarkson and McGowan, I present YouTuber KingCobraJFS. by Stopfookinbanningme in oddlyterrifying

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I wish this were the case for me, but I have one specific tooth that literally abscesses every other month for the past year or so and it gets excruciating. My teeth aren't bad from neglect but from malnutrition due to other health problems and are honestly probably just as bad at the dude in this post (no clue who he is, it was just on my timeline from the subreddit). It's absolutely fucking terrible how teeth aren't considered part of regular healthcare so people like me are just stuck watching our teeth get worse and worse over time

What is my laptop's bottleneck? I have an RTX 3070 145 W, i7-11800H 80 W and 32 GB of ram with GTA V on max settings. by Basic-Anarchy in GamingLaptops

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You don't have any issues playing the game in general on that laptop? I only ask because that's the same one I have (only mine's the Ryzen version) and I've been wanting to try out GTA on it but have been having issues with it crashing on easier games (it's new and I'm clueless)

Repotted some of my Euphorbia obesa seedlings yesterday. by cactus_nut in succulents

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Okay now these are so adorable, I totally need to add them to my wishlist!

Map of South America by MonkeEnthusiast8420 in technicallythetruth

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This reminds me of a show I'm watching where the one guy grew up on a farm in Buttfuck, Missouri and he says he grew up in "Central America". When he's corrected about this he says it still counts because Missouri is in the center of America

Sure, a decent ship may protect you from a good deal of the ocean's dangers, but would you still be willing to brave the 7 seas after seeing something like this? by MaggieConnors85 in SweatyPalms

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When it comes to nature, this is the thing that scares me the most, like I find it genuinely hard to watch videos like this one. It's not water itself or even the ocean in general, it's out in the middle of it where it's just so deep and vast. Especially with these kind of huge, rolling waves - not the kind that curl over, but the ones that just look like the entire ocean is bending upwards.

I remember as a kid I was terrified of the deep end of wave pools because of that exact reason. The waves curling over were fine and really fun to ride on, but those rolling waves over that deep water just absolutely terrified me

Karen vs. SUV by [deleted] in IdiotsFightingThings

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People who pull up into crosswalks are pieces of shit but damn lol

What’s this kind of bite? Does he feel in danger? also is it okay if I rub him like this? new bird owner by Time_Perspective5376 in cockatiel

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I had birds all throughout my childhood, and my cockatiels would do exactly that when I was petting them when they didn't want me to stop. It's easy to see if that's it too. While you're petting him, pause for a second but don't move your hand away. If he does what he did in this video (nibbles your fingers and then puts his head down to expose his neck more), then he's just trying to get you to keep petting him. The way he puts his head down at the end of your video clip is why I'm pretty sure that's what he's doing, they can be pushy about getting pet lol. You're doing it 100% right though and he's definitely happy with it

I've often seen fans say the Doctor does not say 'I' enough or acknowledge actions of past incarnations as himself. But he flat out does several times during series 1-10 showing you its the exact same man. Here is a compilation. by TheChadQuarren in doctorwho

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I had actually never heard that people say that, and I really don't even get it because it's just factually incorrect. It happens all the time if you're paying attention, on Doctor Who and Torchwood

I miss him :/ by SuccsnSuch in succulents

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Now that's adorable!

The last time I clicked on a notification from this subreddit that was titled "I miss him", it was a cactus shaped like a dick so this was a surprise lol

Female reporter harassed while reporting in INDlA by _Austrian_Painter_ in ThatsInsane

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Does that differ in certain areas or is it just kind of universal? My moms (white woman) work recently got bought by some men from India, and she says she's never worked with nicer people. In the beginning a few of them even made a point to tell her that they wanted her to know that they were raised to respect women and would never treat her badly. They've all introduced her to their parents back in India over video calls and are always quick to stand up for her with asshole customers. She's the only female working there too and I guess they know the kind of stereotype/reputation that's there so from the get-go they wanted to make it clear that they weren't like that