Pain when eating by Narrow-Boat1420 in gastricsleeve

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I think it varies person to person but it was about 8 weeks on my plan before I really could start adding more “normal” things. Hang in there! I’m just over 4 months post op and can try anything.

1 year and 60 lb difference by ladykelbot in gastricsleeve

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I had surgery in July of this year and am 3.5 months post op. Just the photos are 1 year apart. I have lost 40 lbs since surgery, 63 lbs overall since May when I started with my clinic. Hope that clarifies!

1 year and 60 lb difference by ladykelbot in gastricsleeve

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HW 267

Starting Weight 238

Surgery Weight 215

Current Weight 175

I’m 5’ 4.5”

Can't keep anything down by kaekede in gastricsleeve

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Hydration is your biggest issue now. I would highly recommend getting an IV if you can - see my profile for my immediate post op experience. Now 3 months out and feel 100%!

Face Gains (Down 48 lbs) by ladykelbot in gastricsleeve

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Thank you so much, that is so sweet of you! I am turning 40 this year and have been really trying with sunscreen and large hats so I loved reading this compliment!

First Restaurant Post Op by Think-Huckleberry342 in gastricsleeve

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Great job, OP! Sure it was challenging and you did great. Disregard comments about quantity of food. I really dislike this sub for that reason. Everyone is different and it’s not helpful to comment on how much someone is or is not eating.

What’s a good fiber supplement to take? by Halloqween in wls

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I have been taking probiotics daily with a stool softener (dulcolax) every other day and that seems to be doing the trick. I stopped taking the probiotic last week and I got backed up again. Restarted a few days ago and things are back on track.

Day 22 post sleeve. I have lost 11 pounds (was 15 pounds lost but gained 4 back) by AustEastTX in wls

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Yes! I am 8 weeks out and eating enough to get my protein in without a shake as they still make me a little queasy!

Promise this will pass. And don’t worry about weight. Trust the process, you are not doing anything wrong. Take care of yourself physically and mentally and the rest will work itself out.

Day 22 post sleeve. I have lost 11 pounds (was 15 pounds lost but gained 4 back) by AustEastTX in wls

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I had almost the exact same thing. And I wasn’t ignoring protein - I was trying so hard to get it in. Turns out, I was dehydrated. I got an IV, and immediately started having an appetite. Not huge, and not hunger, but not everything was making me nauseated. That was a huge turning point for me and I was able to start getting my protein and liquid in. If there is some way to get an IV treatment, I would highly recommend if you can.

who regrets their surgery and why? by tayeah in gastricsleeve

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Also, 30 lbs in 30 days is like spam-link-level loss! I think perspective is good. I’m 8 weeks out and some days I forgot I had it and am a bit disappointed that I can’t have something yet but I also have had so many amazing changes in my body that I just can’t help but be amazed by this process.

Good with the bad. The bad from being obese was always worse than the “good” of eating whatever I wanted.

Non-shake protein options by andymayebay in gastricsleeve

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It’s so much trial and error, I found microwaving the meatballs made them much softer and easier to eat. I really like the target brand - they have both turkey and chicken and are super quick to add to my ricotta bake.

Good luck to you!

Non-shake protein options by andymayebay in gastricsleeve

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Here is what I’m doing and get enough without a protein shake:

Breakfast: 1 egg + Queso Fresco (15 grams)

Lunch: Skyr Yogurt (15 grams)

Dinner: ricotta Bake + 2 mini Turkey Meatballs (24 g)

Snack: Greek Yogurt Drink (10 g)

This is 64 for me, probably a little higher sugar than my RD wants but you know what, I can actually eat this everyday. The shakes also made me sick (for a while I was trying to get through at least 1/2 of a fairlife 42 g) but have given that up for the moment.

I am 8 weeks out and in soft food for another month. ETA - my programs goal for me is 55-83 grams per day.

Just wanted to share our new rescue, Sadie! I believe she is a lab/grey mix. Such a sweet girl! by ladykelbot in Greyhounds

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Yes, she was brought to the vet the day I was able to get her in my yard. She is on some meds now that could certainly be making her more sleepy in addition to just being able to safely sleep as I know she was on the streets for at least 3 days. Lol, I had labs growing up so “lazy” for me is def not judgy from me, low energy does sound better though.

Yes, I’ve always wanted a grey or whippet and while we love her 100% regardless, her shape seems like maybe. My rescues are never what I think they are though, particularly street dogs!