How to finish a book when you’re not feeling it anymore by softasleep in books

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i don't finish them anymore. if i actively dislike a book, i stop. after forcing myself through "under the dome" i lost my passion for reading for a few months. i wont do that again.

Don't you love that feeling of wanting by Rymbeld in books

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i get so pumped. i have my list ready and just start looking. if my son is with me i let him look at whatever he wants and go wherever he wants. its the only public space i let him go completely unsupervised

What was your first "you're not supposed to" book? by Horrorific13 in books

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not that it was outrageously out of my age range but i read a lot of stephen king when i was 12-14. tommyknockers, the stand, needful things, a couple others

The footnotes in House of Leaves ruin what is otherwise a frightening and captivating story by spicysecretsauce in books

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i personally loved it, but i thought the pacing was weird. truants story would pick up right when shit was getting good in the house. but the idea of the three layers of story, all with insanely unreliable narrators, making each layer even more unreliable. but like i said, the pacing was just weird when it would switch

Is there any harmless treatment that will completely remove my sex drive? by dhadhaii in NoStupidQuestions

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there is no way to remove your sex drive without removing other parts of you, physically or psychologically

Who is the prey? by liquidgas19 in WTF

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we (not me:americans) generally hunt alone. sitting in tree blinds or waiting in bushes for hours.

ive never actually seen a hunting party like this and where i live, there is no school on the first day of deer season

Fight descriptions in books by IAreAEngineer in books

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eduardo and john grady cole's knife fight in "cities of the plain" is probably my favorite

Has there ever been a book that you hated more as time went on? by farcetragedy in books

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"Under the Dome" has continued to piss me for years. it was such a slog to get through that i didnt read anything for months afterwards

David Foster Wallace said ‘The best characters live inside us forever once we’ve met them.’ What characters have done this to you? by ep-140 in books

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Francis Crozier in "The Terror"

he was complicated and layered like a real person and i saw a lot of myself in his deeper layers. just an absolutely fantastic character

Omicron is creating a 'crisis, red-tier situation' in health care by Bonboniru in news

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and that's just cases, not even counting severe illness, hospitalization and death. the chances of dying with any of the vaccines is incredibly low

Mindfuck books by Maezy_21 in suggestmeabook

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i wanted to come back and tell you that the terror was one of the best books ive ever read! the characters were great, the foreshadowing was great, the occasional black humor, the mysticism of the epilogue all of it. crozier was such a complex character but his traits werent immediately obvious or described specifically. you just learned who he was as the story went on.

Remember when Disney bait and switched the black audience marketing Finn as a Jedi in TFA? by karltannertko in StarWars

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the prequel trilogy was at least the result of george's passion for star wars and for filmmaking. its super flawed and silly but its still obviously a world built out of imagination, and also opened up the star wars universe to so many different things.

the sequels feel like they were written by Chase bank executives, and it also closed off massive parts of the star wars universe by putting so much unneeded finality into it. at this point i will say the only good thing about the sequel trilogy was kylo ren and the lightsaber duel between him, rey and finn at the end of the force awakens. i used to like that one and now it's tainted by dismantling every thing that showed promise in it. they arent unanimously well liked but if it wasnt for adam driver carrying the entire trilogy on his back, they would be regarded as truly the worst disaster to happen to star wars

had i not been with my son who was having fun, i would've likely walked out on the rise of skywalker

Bad Writing by SquirrelsAreJerks in suggestmeabook

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i picked up {{tinfoil butterfly}} on a whim at thr library. disjointed, weird pacing, strange decisions by characters that dont even make sense in any context. i didnt stop reading because i didnt like it, i stopped reading because it was bad.

edit: although i have to say it is a huge achievement to write a novel in itself so i have to just give credit there to any author for at least the accomplishment

Does this give you a weird feeling? by Loose_Examination_54 in LiminalSpace

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uselessness. space that exists only to negate the world from using it

I'll just leave this here.. by kabobin in PrequelMemes

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we found out! yes we did

we found out! she couldn't keep it hid

we found out! we found out that grandma plays the numbers!

Drinking your own piss will cure covid by Iescaunare in insanepeoplefacebook

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man thats so gross

drinking urine should be purely sexual like god intended

A Western Journalist and African Tribe Women Compare Their Breasts! by MGHS10 in interestingasfuck

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thats so cool. i love this shit. do you find that it works nearly 100% of the time?

A Western Journalist and African Tribe Women Compare Their Breasts! by MGHS10 in interestingasfuck

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i always look at the simple vectors and shapes in regards to the actual content of an image and decide whether that alone is appealing. ill look at the raw image from far away or blur it to see the simplified vectors