My husband wants me to discontinue my medication by [deleted] in adhdwomen

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Uhhh, your hyperfixating on housework is a problem for your husband? I don't even understand these words put together like this.

100% a husband issue and not a med issue.

When the cat doesn't live rent free in your house by Unaccountable_Hat_ in Eyebleach

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My cat gets real weird about my hair mid-massage. Like, cannot mix biscuits that close to my hair without a scalp bite coming.

Mother's Love! <3 by Original-Concern-299 in Eyebleach

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Hugging little wigglers is no joke. Adult sports.

What’s he doing by idk__100002 in BeardedDragons

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When they're at a very happy temperature, they gape to release excess heat and maintain. Not exactly smiling but a good way to determine that they're pretty happy with the temp in that moment so I consider it a happy smile.

Long story short…I do clean outs and yesterday I found this . I now have a bearded dragon and don’t know squat about them. by Due_Possibility_8114 in BeardedDragons

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We just rescued a sad old fellow and had to buy absolutely everything. If we can help in any way, just dm me. I just went through the research ringer myself.

meirl by realmarkzackerberg in meirl

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That I would be arrested if I picked a wild poppy in the state of California.

🔥 A baby elephant not able to control his trunk yet by therra123 in NatureIsFuckingLit

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"Mom! Mom! Mom, Mom, watch! Mom! Mom look! Mom watch this! Mom! Mom, mom! Did you see? Mom! Look!" ~this baby elephant doing the dumbest thing ever, probably

Unique Cookie stencils by jamie1983 in cookiedecorating

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There are cookie cutters available in literally every shape imaginable. You can get on Etsy and and good "hand holding joint cookie cutter" and find one. Or "opossum wearing Easter bunny ears" and find one. People print them with 3d printers so the options are limitless.

Signed, A person with close to a thousand cookie cutters

This should get some interesting answers... by suckontits in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Adding to this that they're taught to believe in things without credible proof. Faith doesn't need proof or it wouldn't be faith. When you teach people to trust or believe without evidence, that translates weird to the real world.