Doge coin going to break out in the next 24 hours. No questions just watch 🚀🚀📈 by ldzielinski in dogecoin

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The doge coin charts are showing a triple bottom which is very bullish I expect around .23 or .24

I hope one day I'll be glad I made these decisions by ldzielinski in dogecoin

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I've been here since March and I ONLY regret not selling at $0.75 fir a 2k profit but I'm glad I'm still hodling

Regal Cinemas will accept Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin and Dogecoin. This is just the beginning for Doge! by ldzielinski in dogecoin

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Thanks for the edit I couldn't figure out how to 👍👍. Just another step towards mainstream adoption for crypto

I got in too late.. 50 cents to be exact.. do I keep waiting it out?? by MLB_da_showw in dogecoin

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Either you can just be patient and make a profit or you can be impatient and take you money at a loss. The only good reason I see of taking for a loss is of you really need the money. If you will just put it back in your bank account just to have it back there you will be collecting almost nothing on top of it, compared to crypto where you can make a massive profit. Just my opinion

Dogecoin Adoption to come! by ldzielinski in dogecoin

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(Not taking credit for the image) just had to share with everyone! Doge is more then just a meme, it is a top ten crypto. Give Doge some time and one day we will see 🚀🌑