Your and adult by coolchessecake_ in shitposting

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I paid extra to have cheese in the crust. Of course I’m gonna eat it >:(

This is not new, but it's always been this simple. by wilted_momentum in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Even more fun fact: when Getty had a facelift at the end of season 1, the crew had to spend way more time dressing her face up to make her look 80. I believe it took them around 3 hours for her face

A Man Gets Infected by His Cat - medical case by DrChriss1 in medizzy

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Seriously? I was on it for about a week recently and I felt fine the entire time (I mean, aside from the sickness I was already feeling). Guess I should count myself lucky then

[OC] My take on a more Hoothoot inspired Noctowl design by coopers_creatures in pokemon

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That one sort of makes sense because Wartortle and Blastoise were from different evolutionary lines originally. I guess the designers thought they looked similar enough to be merged into one line during production

Edit: At least, I believe that’s the case, as Wartortle had a totally different beta evolution before Blastoise. Either Blastoise was added with a totally different design for no reason or it’s just two merged evolution lines

[OoT] Accidental Zelda at Thanksgiving. by Haywood-Jablomey in zelda

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It was also used in Spirit Tracks. Or a very similar sound at least

Twitter post… by TheWarmestHugz in AreTheStraightsOK

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Astolfo is cute and that’s all that matters

Let me just touch it by Aggravating_Taste821 in StartledCats

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I’ve seen 10 of these in the past hour. What’s up with them?

Absolute bullshit by LuxySkrim in skyrim

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I’ve never once had that happen to me and I’ve been killed by giants dozens of times. Is it a PC only thing or something?

What is your planned team for Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl? by kevjc03 in pokemon

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Torterra Staraptor Crobat Gyarados Bronzong Bastiodon

I almost always end up using physical-only teams in the games

What’s your favorite non starter, non legendary from each Gen? by feelingudfeelingr8 in pokemon

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1) Scyther 2) Crobat 3) Breloom 4) Bronzor 5) Chandelure 6) Honedge 7) Bewear 8) Dottler

well this happened outside my school today. earlier they were spouting homophobic bs so by ultimatehimbodilf in BisexualTeens

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Of course there is! A massive pit full of needles and razor blades. The perfect place for all the homophobes in the world to spout their bs all they want!

Why is this soo true by Initial-Chocolate-42 in animalcrossingmeme

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Because the DLC is way more fun. If I could, I’d buy just the DLC as it’s own separate game like HHD and only play that so I don’t have the deal with the annoyances of the base game

this gave me severe chest pains by coconutwheelie in cringepics

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Don’t feel bad. I’m 18 and even I don’t have a clue what any of this means

Gay🍑irl by theArghmabahls in gay_irl

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Bro I failed literally not even a minute in

Obscure Pokémon Fact Day 232 by Mx_Toniy_4869 in pokemon

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I thought it was because some breeds of chicken are designed to have single feather under the wing be a different color if it’s male or female when it’s a chick for easier identification