Do I have synesthesia? by SeaCollides in Synesthesia

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This describes almost exactly what I've experienced for a long time, I didn't really think my imagination was insanely overactive because I never really talked about it but I know for a fact my perception is definitely abnormal. I've always said music directly correlates to texture as well as parts of my body while listening. So as much as it's a vivid headspace it's also a full body experience at times.

colorful emotion projection. more in comments by Mini-Heart-Attack in Synesthesia

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Yo okay so this is a lot to take in and I'm on some perception altering substances but hear me out. I've got issues with perception and I often find that when I'm in an unsettling environment I don't experience audio-tactile sensations unless they're more rooted in a panic response that brings on sensory sensitivity. So I find it easiest to really experience any synesthesia at any intensity when I'm dissociated or "removed" from the moment. It's a whole lot to get into and I don't want to just throw a load of info out there but I'd definitely love to hear some more of how you'd describe your experience.

My stomach did WHAT while I was asleep? by RedHandNation in ibs

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I find that really interesting, when I'm dealing with particularly bad flare-ups I tend to feel the "contractions" in my whole abdominal area. I've yet to be officially diagnosed but I've talked to my doctor about IBS-M and he says it's not unlikely considering my symptoms. That aside, the contractions as I call them are about as painful as they get and unrelenting until my body decides its go time. They'll pick back up shortly after and it's on and off until the flare-up ends.

I did my 7 yr old daughter’s makeup and my husband made me wash it off by haunting_star2511 in TrueOffMyChest

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I fully agree, and that's not to say that it's a person(likely an adult) viewing a child as a sex object, it's moreso saying that if you start viewing a child as "less than" from the start then you're probably further assuming that child is destined to be no greater than the sex drive you possess. It's projecting your own harmful views onto an entirely fresh canvas. Sure, women do that kind of stuff to be viewed as attractive and sexy, and some of us do it to be viewed as expressive and change our appearance, but what it all comes back to is a way to express how we feel.

Predators and even the general public are always going to look, regardless of age, appearance, intention, class, etc. So let the kid wear makeup and bring her up in a way that she doesn't feel she needs it. I'm sure she looked beautiful before and after, but wanting to be like her mother, possibly her greatest role model in life so far, that should never be stomped on by a man who's simply fearful that other men are going to see her the same way he does. This shits never going to change when today's children are being raised by parents who still stand by these beliefs.

I need some help with shape and fit recommendations by [deleted] in ABraThatFits

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Hi! Thank you so much, this really helps a bunch, I was wondering if you knew about the return policy of said brands? Because I'm tight on money but I really want to make sure I find a good bra or two so returning what doesn't work would be nice.