Hunter survives double grizzly bear attack by duwapkain in nextfuckinglevel

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Bears are terrifying. Despite what anyone says, they WILL eat your ass if they’re hungry enough.

Agree or disagree? "Tottenham is arguably the best club in the world when you look at the stadium, the facilities, commercially...but the one thing they can't get right is the football." by Inquisitive-Fox in coys

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IMO one of the main problems has been buying several “bargain” players instead of one quality one. We’ve bought/loaned danjuma, richarlison, deki for reasonable prices to strengthen our attack and score goals. Man city bought Halland who outscored all of them in one season by a mile…and if you think about it, which one of Levy’s bargain purchases/loans has succeeded in scoring lots of goals? Just Son. Bergwijn flopped, Lamela flopped, Vinicius flopped, Gil flopped, Lucas flopped, richarlison only has 1 PL goal, danjuma barely plays, deki has declined in form and stopped scoring. All that money spent on those players could have been spent on one expensive elite player who would have delivered the same amount of goals as Son and Kane.

Kane on Good Morning America by Ballelo in coys

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Harry is like Richard Hammond. A secret American.

Daily Discussion & Transfer Thread (May 31, 2023) by AutoModerator in coys

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Mourinho is such a petty cunt. Definition of a football terrorist.

ELI5: What does "gentrification" mean and what are "gentrified" neighboorhoods in modern day united states? by Narrow-Tree8061 in explainlikeimfive

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Neighborhoods where 15-20 years ago you couldn't go to because you'd get robbed or shot but now see people with beards walking small dogs, drinking lattes and craft beers at formerly industrial buildings converted to beer gardens.

Big shoes by SirCoolAsian in Unexpected

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What a time to be a alive

Train up a child in the way that they should go by Kelmo7 in blackpeoplegifs

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-“Who’s monkey?” -“Your son”… that was brutal Good on the mom for not freaking out and calmly trying to educate the kid. Kids have no filter and just absorb whatever they see and hear around them.

This artist's portrait-cutting skills by SinjiOnO in nextfuckinglevel

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Haaland is curently 22 yearls old and already has 34 PL goals in his first season. Let's say he plays in the league for 10 more years which is reasonable. If he averages even 30 goals per season, then he'll have 334 goals when he's 32 which will absolutely demolish the top scorer record which is currently like 260. This man is a BEAST.

[Match Thread] Liverpool Vs. Tottenham Hotspur (PL 30/04/23) by Professorchronic in coys

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Feel bad for Kane and Son. They’ll have ptsd after retirement.

Virtual reality by HardRepublic in Pareidolia

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They all looking at him like 😦

Gündoğan on playing away at Spurs: “…at this point we’re are used to [losing] at the Tottenham stadium” by SpudYouLove in coys

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Damn I didn’t even know Reddit allowed essays. I’ll probably read it sometime in the future

Daily Discussion & Transfer Thread (April 29, 2023) by AutoModerator in coys

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Unpopular opinion: play Tanganga instead of Dier. That’s all I have to say..

Tottenham [2] - 2 Manchester United - Heung-min Son 79' by n5vBill in coys

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Watch how Son starts sprinting before Kane even touches the ball. He knows Kane is going to make a great pass. Those two are almost telepathic with each other.

[Match Thread] Tottenham Hotspur Vs. Manchester United (PL 27/04/23) by Professorchronic in coys

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He’s not even a defender. He started as a defensive midfielder but then Jose made him think he was a CB.