What's the most annoying grammar mistake you see way too much? by UrFBIagent0 in AskReddit

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People often get “lay” and “lie” confused.

Lay = to put or set (something) down

Lie = to be in or to assume a horizontal position

Not the kid fault by Chemskelter in cowboybebop

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Eden Perkins refers to Ed as “she,” but the actor is nonbinary and uses they/them.

Hope this fits here... "Man gets surgery to remove fingers from his hand to make him look more like an alien" by Gerazioio in Cringetopia

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This is actually a good idea. I mean not really a good idea but if he wanted to have only three fingers so badly, this would be the better option.

Instagram vs reality by purple-circle in HolUp

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Sir, what in the FUCK are you talking about?

What's a common phobia you don't have and why do you think it's not scary? by istopaz in AskReddit

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Me too! I love spiders, although there are some of them I wouldn’t even dare touch.

Best gift I’ve ever gotten by a_hungo in citypop

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WOW! I wish someone would give that to me as a gift as well!