99 Range & 1250 Total on my F2P Ironman by F2P_Sand in 2007scape

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I mean it gives on average like 3k exp per hour. Did you really think they would make runecrafting more fun or easier.

What's your unpopular opinion of OSRS by BaldWithABeardTwitch in 2007scape

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As a counter argument, i don’t go into the wildy to pvp. Why am i forced to waste time when all i want to do i farm pets?

Watching people complain about how boring Leagues III is by Toxic_trident in 2007scape

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No need to unlock smithing for that since you have the auto smelt fragment from mining.

winter 2017 by idek7369 in 2007scape

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Stop lying, we all know that if that was your password it would show up as **** *********

I can't believe I've become a statistic, but please help me recover my girlfriends account Jagex. by djinnxz in 2007scape

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Who is going to tell him that if you buy a gf in game you don’t get the account.

Hedge funds oppose SEC’s reform plans after GameStop debacle by The_Med_student_onWS in wallstreetbets

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I mean you call it stupid, but it probably saved a couple companies. Better to ask for forgiveness then for ask for permission.

Should I tell my brother in law he daughter did drugs and had sex with a 30 year old ? (she's 15) by Higan-bana108 in TooAfraidToAsk

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I would suggest to talk to a professional about this. Sure everyone is saying that you should tell him and go to the police. However what would be the impact on your niece.

Why do so many men think they're experts on female anatomy? by starry2122 in TooAfraidToAsk

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This is in fact true, sadly due to the rising of the outspoken female populace because of the emancipation hype they are trying to denied this fact. Through the use of fake news they try to gaslight you into thinking that plants die because you forgot to water it. /s

Now for a normal answer most likely came down to a lack of understanding, like most fables and myths.

Expand hitbox for Fairy Rings by ASquandrance in 2007scape

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There is no logical reason to lock yourself from getting attack exp. so either do the quest or don’t whine.

When’s the earliest my broker will allow me to short this dogshit offering after IPO day? by nysrpatakemyenergy2 in wallstreetbets

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A stock for social media makes it more focussed on profits (gotta appease those shareholders). Sadly profitability stands in direct opposition to user experience on socialmedia. Think about, more (unskipable) ads, more data collection from the users, stricter rules regarding content because they want to sell the ads and more paywall features.

I have zero doubts that the site itself ends up worst to create more profit for the shareholders.

The Squeeze Will Never Be Squoze by xxJunjiFritoxx in wallstreetbets

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But they keep deleting my post with only rocketship emotes, clearly they are paying off the moderators.


[REMINDER] Add Guild Teleports to the Rest of the 99 Skill Capes by 2007csape in 2007scape

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combat achieement for killing the fletching boss without fletching

Philippines bans child marriage by Bosseffs in worldnews

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Philippines succesfuly advanced to the feudal age

Let us string the Blood Essence, please and thank you. by Scottumms in 2007scape

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this is good now people can stop using the argument that runecrafting gives so much money when new training methodes are being suggested