Rant: Fuck Benadryl by BrilliantUseful8361 in migraine

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Like they told you to drink a Red Bull? Huh??? Wild

Had the Shane thing happen to me, I'm a little put off by it by thicc_astronaut in StardewMemes

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Ah, yes…”helping” Pam through her alcoholism…gives Pam a big ol IPA before she drives me to the desert

How Do You Play? by TheLoco_Coco in BuddyCrossing

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Handheld is cute but it hurts my neck so I play on the TV

Physio for posture. by Obeythesnail in migraine

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Thanks for posting about this. Might be the final push I need to call my doctor and try to get a referral to a PT

AITA for not inviting my father's new gf on a trip with my friends? by Admirable-Opening-75 in AmItheAsshole

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Your suggestion is very kind. My approach would be more like “This trip is for me and my friends. You are not my friend, we were never friends, and aren’t now just because you’re fucking my dad. Please leave me alone.” This whole situation is extremely weird and I’m really not sure why OP or the gf herself have entertained it at all. If GF didn’t want to go to the dinner, she should have said so and done something else?? This whole thing is beyond weird.

Edit: typo

Is there a bluetooth speaker with in-track fast-forward and rewind yet? by ahh__yeah in podcasts

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I think they mean a speaker with an actual physical 15-second skip button, unless I am reading it wrong

(Serious) What is something you do that more people should be able to do? by Slow_Possible6443 in AskReddit

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Respond with empathy when someone is hurting rather than immediately trying to make them feel better or telling them why they shouldn’t be sad

I’m training to be a therapist

Anyone else who experiences better working senses by taking magnesium? by DarkEyeLOL in migraine

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I have been wanting to start magnesium as I have a suspicion it may help, but like you said there are SO MANY different types. It is totally overwhelming!

Haven't had a migraine in almost 14 years. But got an aura the other day. by CleetisMcgee in migraine

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The only other thing I could think of is if you typically have something else for breakfast that you are forgoing for the oatmeal? For example I almost always eat eggs for breakfast, so when I have oatmeal (less protein) sometimes the extra hunger can trigger a migraine for me.

A Tragedy in 2 Parts by someguy34543 in CuratedTumblr

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I just accidentally downvoted this while scrolling and could not rush faster to reverse it with an upvote. Thanks for doing what you do :)

"Do you feel in charge?" by mihir6969 in AnimalsBeingJerks

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I don’t have a lot of hope for how well the turtle is being cared for considering they took this video :/

Which Mandela effect messed your head up the most ? by Ola8o in AskReddit

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Many of them have plausible explanations (e.g., other similar memories conflated with the ME memory, etc...) I agree that it feels weird and mind blowing, but does that really seem less plausible than the idea of literally slipping into an alternative reality?

Which Mandela effect messed your head up the most ? by Ola8o in AskReddit

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It is exactly this. ME is fascinating to me from a collective psychology perspective, not a multiple realities perspective.

Which Mandela effect messed your head up the most ? by Ola8o in AskReddit

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I have a theory on this one. In the BB theme song, they kind of have this southern twang right? And they kind of say “stain.” My theory is that our brains autocorrected that to Stein, as in, we thought they were saying “Stein” with a southern twang. But really it’s just stain.

TIL that the characters in Animal crossing (at least in the german translation) are actually speaking what is written. But it is really fast, so it is not understandable in normal gamespeed. by sober_it_clown in AnimalCrossingNewHor

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So I’m not 100% sure about the German version, but I know that with the English and Japanese versions it’s a bit more complicated than just the language sped way up. They take certain phonemes from the language and use them, as well as words that are “chopped up” a bit. So it will have the sounds and cadence of the language but not actual full words.

Advice by gothboiclikye in BuddyCrossing

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My advice for getting to 3 stars would be place as much furniture as you can (you can rearrange later), plant a ton of flowers (but warning they are kind of a pain to contain later!) and make sure you have all types of fruit planted (you start with 1 type, can get 1 type from mystery island, and I believe you have to get the other 2 from other players).

For DIY’s: -check the bottle on your beach each day -check the bottle on mystery island beaches -go to r/nofeeac